Women’s Shoe Sizes: Conversion Charts & FAQ

On this page you will find everything to convert a UK or Euro shoe size to US women’s. Women’s shoe size charts will help you find the perfect pair of shoes. Plus the easiest, most accurate tips on how to measure shoe sizes (inches and centimeters).

Women’s Shoe Sizes

UK Women's Shoe SizeUS Women's Shoe SizeEURO Women's Shoe Size
2 UK Women'sSize 4 USEuro 34 Women's
2,5 UK Women'sSize 4,5 USEuro 34,5 Women's
3 UK Women'sSize 5 USEuro 35 Women's
3,5 UK Women'sSize 5,5 USEuro 35,5 Women's
4 UK Women'sSize 6 USEuro 36,5 Women's
4,5 UK Women'sSize 6,5 USEuro 37 Women's
5 UK Women'sSize 7 USEuro 37,5 Women's
5,5 UK Women'sSize 7,5 USEuro 38 Women's
6 UK Women'sSize 8 USEuro 39 Women's
6,5 UK Women'sSize 8,5 USEuro 39,5 Women's
7 UK Women'sSize 9 USEuro 40 Women's
7,5 UK Women'sSize 9,5 USEuro 40,5 Women's
8 UK Women'sSize 10 USEuro 41,5 Women's
8,5 UK Women'sSize 10,5 USEuro 41,5 Women's
9 UK Women'sSize 11 USEuro 42,5 Women's
  • Women’s shoe sizes in the EU standard is labeled starting with a size 32 which measures 7 ⅔ inches and is a US size 2. How does Euro shoe size to US women work? To convert a US women’s size to European size, simply add 30-31 to your existing US size. For example, if you are a US size 5, your EU size will most likely be an EU size 35.
  • European shoe sizes do not separate sizes for children and adults. Smaller shoe sizes at one end of the size spectrum are sizes that fit kids, while on the other end are sizes that could be worn by adults.
  • European shoe sizes are also unisex, meaning the length for men and women could be the same, unlike in the US sizing which clearly differentiates sizes for men, women, and children.
  • With this, a woman who wears a EU shoe size 38 would probably be comfortable just the same in a men’s shoe as a women’s shoe in terms of how the shoe will fit. Style, color, and design often identify whether footwear is suitable for women or men.

European shoe size conversion for women

Use this chart to convert from women’s to men’s sizes.

Women’s Shoe Size Conversion: UK – EU – Centimeters

UK Size Women'sEU Size Women'sFoot Length in CM
2,534,521,6 cm
33522,0 cm
3,535,522,4 cm
436,522,9 cm
4,53723,3 cm
537,523,7 cm
5,53824,1 cm
63924,6 cm
6,539,525,0 cm
74025,4 cm
7,540,525,8 cm
841,526,2 cm
8,541,526,7 cm
942,527,1 cm
9,543,527,5 cm
104427,9 cm
10,544,528,4 cm
1145,528,8 cm
11,54629,2 cm
1246,529,6 cm
12,54730,1 cm
1347,530,5 cm
13,548,530,9 cm
144931,3 cm
14,549,531,8 cm
155032,2 cm

In women’s shoes, the most common shoe size standard used is the US, UK, and EU, although there are other standards adopted like the Mexican or Japanese sizes. To convert women’s shoe size from US sizes to the UK size, simply subtract two full sizes to your existing US shoe size. For example, a US women shoe size 3 is a UK size 1.

US Shoe Size Women Width

The major difference between women shoes and men shoe sizes is the width. In terms of length, women shoes have a 1.5 size difference in general. For the width, women’s shoes are usually built to be wider in the toe and forefoot area, narrower towards the heel. The US and UK have different sizing for women, while in Europe, shoe sizing is usually unisex.

US SizeNarrow (AA)Average (B)Wide (C/D)Extra-Wide (E)
52 13/16"3 3/16"3 9/16"3 15/16"
5.52 7/8"3 1/4"3 5/8"4"
62 15/16"3 5/16"3 11/16"4 1/16"
6.53"3 3/8"3 3/4"4 1/8"
73 1/16"3 7/16"3 13/16"4 3/16"
7.53 1/8"3 1/2"3 7/8"4 1/4"
83 3/16"3 9/16"3 15/16"4 5/16"
8.53 1/4"3 5/8"4"4 3/8"
93 3/8"3 11/16"4 1/16"4 7/16"
9.53 3/8"3 3/4"4 1/8"4 1/2"
103 7/16"3 3/4"4 3/16"4 9/16"
10.53 1/2"3 7/8"4 1/4"4 5/8"
113 9/16"3 15/16"4 5/16"4 11/16"
123 11/16"4 1/16"4 7/16"4 13/16"

The width of shoes is the measurement of the foot across its widest part. For women, the shoe width is classified into four subcategories – narrow (AA), average (B), wide (C/D), and extra wide (E.) Each width has a difference of ⅜ inches or 0.375 inches from each other.

US Shoe Size Women Width

For an American women’s size 8.5, for example, the narrow width starts with a 3 ¼ inches, average width measures 3 ⅝ inches, wide is 4 inches, while extra-wide measures 4 ⅜ inches.


In general, shoe manufacturers commonly stick to a width size “B” or the average width in normal shoe production, although increasingly, some brands are also offering shoe sizes in various width. Comprehensive article about shoe width.


How to measure UK shoe size?

Best way to find your euro shoe size: Measure the length of foot from toe to heel with a ruler in inches and convert your measurements to inches using our chart.


UK Women Shoe Size to Men

There is basically no difference between UK Women Shoe Sizes and UK Men sizes. This means that if you are a woman who wears a UK size 7, a shoe size 7 in UK men would probably be just as comfortable in the fit.


Kids to Women Shoe Size

To convert UK kids shoe sizes to women’s sizes, simply subtract 1 from your UK size number and you get the corresponding youth size. For example, if you are a UK women’s 4.5, your youth size is probably a youth 3.5 although in some occasions, the UK size for kids and women’s are the same, and you may use the size that you are used to, to look for your size in the kids sizing.


What is the Average Shoe Size for Women in the UK?

The average woman in the UK wears a shoe size six, which measures 24.5 cm or 9 ⅔ inches. In the US, the average American women have a shoe size of US 8.5 and 9, which measures 9 ⅚ to 10 inches. Worldwide, the average size of women’s shoes is a UK size 4 or a US 6 which translates to a foot length of 9 inches.


What is the Difference Between Men and Women Shoe Sizes in the UK?

If you want to convert a women shoe size to men’s sizes using the UK standard, just add at least a 1/2 value to your existing UK women’s size to find the most likely men’s shoe size that will fit you. In reverse, just subtract at least 1/2 to your men’s shoe size number to get your women’s size.
In some cases, however, your UK men’s size is the same as your women’s size. Although men’s sizes are generally a bit wider than women’s. You could opt to pick men’s shoes that’s a bit smaller than you’re typical size if you are a woman to give allowance for the width differences.
As always, this is not an exact science, and different brands could be using conversion that works very differently for your preferred brand. Check with the shop all the time before proceeding with the conversions.


What is my Euro shoe size?

For women, convert the US size to European shoe measurement by adding 30 to your US shoe size. For example, if you wear a women’s US size 7 shoe then size 37 is likely your Euro size. For women, shoe sizes of European brands are listed as a number from 35-44. Use this conversion chart.


How to calculate Euro shoe size?

Watch out: Euro shoe size differ greatly from US sizes, as the underlying length measurement system is in centimeters (cm), not in inches. Background: Shoes originating in Europe use a different shoe size system measurement compared to those made in the United States. This is commonly called as “Paris point” introduced by the French in the mid-19th century.
Understanding Euro Shoe Sizes
The Euro size is the standard shoe sizing system used in Europe, with the exception of England. This measurement is based on the individual stitch length used in double stitching with each stitch equal to two-thirds of a centimetre long (6.67 mm).
So note that if you’re out looking for a pair of Gucci, Valentino or Manolo Blahniks the size would be a little different from what you’re used to back home. Yes, European shoes uses their own metrics to measure shoe size so it is wise to do some homework before heading out to a store or ordering shoes online so you don’t end up with ill-fitting shoes.
For European shoe sizes, the sizing systems for adults and children are the same. There is a range of sizes where at one end you’ll find small shoe sizes that are usually worn by children and at the other end are large shoe sizes that are usually worn only by men. Even more important: European shoe sizing system compared to the US sizing is also pretty much unisex. A woman wearing a size 40 for example would still be as comfortable in a men’s shoe as a women’s shoe in terms of how the shoe fits.


What is the average EU shoe size for women in the US?

Average Shoe Size for Women
The average shoe size for women in the US is a US 8.5, which measures 9 ⅚ to 10 inches and translates to EU 39. The average size of women’s shoes in Europe is a US 7.5 which translates to a EU 38 and foot length of 9 2/3 inches.


How do you know your European shoe size?

Euro Shoe Size Conversion Women
The easiest way to convert a US women’s shoe size to EU size is to add 30-31 to your existing US size. If you are wearing a US womens size 9, for example, then in EU size, a size 39 to 40 will probably be the best fit for you.