Shoe Size Conversion ยป UK to EU | UK to US ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

Convert EU to UK shoe size and US to UK shoe size easily. For men, women, and children. Use our step-by-step guide to measure your feet, or utilise our printable shoe size charts to identify the correct size.

We analyzed hundreds of clothing items from various brands, conducting thorough research to produce detailed size charts. Learn about our methodology and laboratory.
We analyzed hundreds of clothing items from various brands, conducting thorough research to produce detailed size charts. Learn about our methodology and laboratory.

International shoe size conversion: We’ve compiled a handy converter chart that will assist you in determining your UK shoe size (both, UK men’s and UK women’s), US sizes and Euro shoe sizes. You can either convert from one shoe size to another, or measure your foot in inches or centimetres and convert to the desired US shoe size.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

UK SizeUS Men's ShoeUS Women's ShoeEU SizeFoot Length in CMFoot Length in Inches
2,534,534,521,6 cm8 1โ„2
33,553522,0 cm8 2โ„3
3,545,535,522,4 cm8 5โ„6
44,5636,522,9 cm9
4,556,53723,3 cm9 1โ„6
55,5737,523,7 cm9 1โ„3
5,567,53824,1 cm9 1โ„2
66,583924,6 cm9 2โ„3
6,578,539,525,0 cm9 5โ„6
77,594025,4 cm10
7,589,540,525,8 cm10 1โ„6
88,51041,526,2 cm10 1โ„3
8,5910,541,526,7 cm10 1โ„2
99,51142,527,1 cm10 2โ„3
9,51011,543,527,5 cm10 5โ„6
1010,5124427,9 cm11
10,51112,544,528,4 cm11 1โ„6
1111,51345,528,8 cm11 1โ„3
11,51213,54629,2 cm11 1โ„2
1212,51446,529,6 cm11 2โ„3
12,51314,54730,1 cm11 5โ„6
1313,51547,530,5 cm12
13,51415,548,530,9 cm12 1โ„6
1414,5164931,3 cm12 1โ„3
14,51516,549,531,8 cm12 1โ„2
1515,5175032,2 cm12 2โ„3

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International Shoe Size Conversion Chart

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Euro Shoe Sizes: UK to EU Shoe Size & EU to UK Shoe Size

Utilise this EU Shoe Size to UK conversion chart to determine your corresponding UK size to EU shoes measurements.

UK SizeEU SizeFoot Length in CM
2,534,521,6 cm
33522,0 cm
3,535,522,4 cm
436,522,9 cm
4,53723,3 cm
537,523,7 cm
5,53824,1 cm
63924,6 cm
6,539,525,0 cm
74025,4 cm
7,540,525,8 cm
841,526,2 cm
8,541,526,7 cm
942,527,1 cm
9,543,527,5 cm
104427,9 cm
10,544,528,4 cm
1145,528,8 cm
11,54629,2 cm
1246,529,6 cm
12,54730,1 cm
1347,530,5 cm
13,548,530,9 cm
144931,3 cm
14,549,531,8 cm
155032,2 cm

EU Sizes = European Sizes/Euro Sizes are used in the whole of Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden etc. Italian Shoe Sizes, French Shoe Sizes and German Shoe Sizes are all unified as “Euro Shoe Sizes”.

EU to US Shoe Size

European shoe sizes employ a unisex system, differing from the UK standard which distinctly categorises men’s, women’s, and children’s shoe sizes. In the European sizing system, the colour and detailing often signify whether the shoe is designed for males or females. European sizes can go up to a size 50, which measures 12 โ…” inches, or approximately 32.2 centimetres.

When converting UK sizes to European sizes, you generally add 33 to your UK size. So, for example, a UK shoe size 8 would be a EU shoe size 41, while a UK shoe size 5 would be a European size 38.

European shoe sizes are denoted in centimetres, but similarly to UK shoes, the number doesnโ€™t directly correlate to the size of the shoe. For instance, a shoe marked as EU size 44 wonโ€™t be 44 centimetres long, but will in fact be about 27.9 centimetres or 11 inches in length.

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UK Shoe Sizes: UK to US Shoe Size & US to UK Shoe Size

With this US shoe size to UK conversion chart, you’ll be able to translate your UK shoe size into the appropriate US equivalent. Bear in mind that US sizing does distinguish between men’s and women’s shoe sizes.

UKUS Women'sUS Men's
UK 020.5
UK 0.52.51
UK 131.5
UK 1.53.52
UK 242.5
UK 2.54.53
UK 353.5
UK 3.55.54
UK 464.5
UK 4.56.55
UK 575.5
UK 5.57.56
UK 686.5
UK 6.58.57
UK 797.5
UK 7.59.58
UK 8108.5
UK 8.510.59
UK 9119.5
UK 9.511.510
UK 101210.5
UK 10.512.511
UK 111311.5
UK 11.513.512
UK 121412.5
UK 12.514.513
UK 131513.5
UK 13.515.514
UK 141614.5
UK 14.516.515
UK 151715.5
UK to US Shoe Size

UK shoe sizes are remarkably similar to US shoe sizes, with the size difference for men typically only around 0.5 size, and for women, it’s about 2 sizes. Thus, a US women’s shoe size 9 corresponds to a UK size 7, and a US men’s shoe size 10.5 aligns with a UK men’s shoe size 10.

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International Shoe Sizes: Converting UK size to Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian shoe sizes

UK SizeIndian Shoe SizeChinese Shoe Size (CN)Japanese Shoe Size (JP)KP (mm)

The aforementioned chart will assist you in converting your UK shoe size to various Asian shoe sizes. It’s crucial to acknowledge that Japan, Korea, China, and other Asian countries all utilise different sizing systems, so there isn’t a singular “Asian” standard. Make sure to refer to this chart to ensure you select the correct shoe size for yourself. More about Asian Shoe Sizes here.

โœ… Guide: How to measure your shoe size


EU Shoe Size to UK

In general, to convert an EU shoe size to a UK size, you should subtract around 33. So, for instance, an EU size 40 would typically equate to a UK size 7. However, this is an approximation and slight variations may occur depending on the shoe brand or style. Check our UK to EU shoe size chart here.


Size 38 in UK

In UK shoe sizing, a European size 38 corresponds to a UK size 5 for women and men. However, it might be difficult to find a shoe in size 5 for men. Check our EU to UK shoe size chart here.


What is the difference between US and Euro Shoe Sizes?

European and American shoes not only differ in size but also in design and comfort. European shoes typically have narrower heels and wider toe boxes, ensuring a snug fit without squashing the toes. Conversely, US shoes generally have deeper toe boxes and more cushioning, although they often lack the arch support provided by many European brands. However, these are broad generalisations and individual brands may follow their own standards. The US shoe sizing system also includes different widths (narrow, medium, wide, extra-wide), which isn’t typical in the European system.


Is UK Shoe Size the Same as Indian Shoe Size?

Indeed, UK shoe sizes align perfectly with Indian shoe sizes; please refer to the provided chart for specifics. However, do bear in mind that US shoe sizes deviate from UK sizes.


How do UK shoe sizes work?

Originating from King Edward II’s reign in 1324, the UK system is the world’s oldest shoe sizing standard. It uses the measurement of a ‘shoe last’, which is a model of the foot that can be 13-17 mm longer than the actual foot size.

Each UK shoe size is 8.46 mm (about a third of an inch) different from the next, with half-sizes introduced in 1880 for a better fit. The UK system, also used in Australia, primarily focuses on foot length, not width, and is different from systems used in the US, EU, and Asia.
The UK uses the Barleycorn system, starting at 12 barleycorns for a child’s size 0. Adult sizes begin at 26 barleycorns, equivalent to a UK size 1.

Interestingly, the average UK shoe size is 9 for men and 6 for women, whereas in the US, it’s 10.5 for men and 9 for women. These averages have increased by two sizes over the last 40 years, possibly due to rising obesity levels causing feet to spread.

To help answer common queries like ‘What’s a UK 8 in US?’ or ‘What length is a UK 7?’, use a conversion chart or sizing tool. To use a chart, select the column with your known size and move horizontally to the required scale column. If using your foot length in centimetres to find your shoe size, opt for the nearest size that is equal or slightly longer than your foot.


Converting UK to US Shoe Size

Converting UK to US Shoe Size
UK shoe sizes align rather closely with their US counterparts. Gentlemen typically need to increase their UK shoe size by 0.5 to find the equivalent US size. For example, a UK size 6 would translate to a US size 6.5, equivalent to roughly 24.5 centimetres or 9 โ…” inches.

For children’s sizes, an increase of one size is usually required; thus, a UK children’s size 1 would be a US 1.5, approximately 9.8 centimetres or 3 โ…ž inches.

For ladies, it’s common to add two sizes; hence a UK 4.5 would be a US 6.5, equivalent to about 23.2 centimetres or 9 โ…™ inches.