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BlitzResults is dedicated to transforming the online shopping experience by providing meticulously crafted, accurate size charts for apparel and footwear. Our mission centers around eliminating the guesswork from online shopping, ensuring that every customer finds their perfect fit, and supporting retailers in reducing returns, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and profitability.

  • Manual Measurement Process: BlitzResults sets the industry standard with a meticulous, manual measurement process. Our dedicated team measures thousands of pieces of apparel and footwear by hand to ensure the highest accuracy. This hands-on approach allows us to capture the unique sizing nuances of different brands and styles, providing the most reliable size charts available.
  • Customizable and Easily Integrated Size Charts: Our size charts are highly customizable and designed to seamlessly integrate into any online shopping platform. Whether brands choose to customize the charts themselves or with our assistance, we ensure that our size charts fit perfectly within their specific branding and interface requirements. Supported platforms include eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and more, with comprehensive guides and premium support available for a smooth integration process.
  • Reducing Returns and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: By providing accurate size charts, BlitzResults significantly lowers return rates due to size issues, leading to higher profit margins for retailers and an enhanced shopping experience for consumers. Our commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction is further underlined by our fitting guarantee, which promises a better fit and fewer returns, contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing shipping and packaging waste.

What We Do: The Essence of BlitzResults’ Services

We specialize in creating highly detailed, customizable size charts for a wide array of clothing and footwear. Our charts are designed to be easily integrated into online shops, providing a seamless shopping experience for both businesses and individual consumers.

Why Choose Us: Our Unique Value Proposition BlitzResults stands out through our commitment to precision, customization, and superior support. Our unique manual measurement process ensures unparalleled accuracy. Combined with our flexible customization options and robust support system, we offer a solution that is not just effective but also tailored to the needs of our diverse clientele.

Our Services

Size Charts for Every Need

  • Apparel and Shoes: We provide comprehensive size charts for a vast range of products, ensuring accuracy and reliability for every item.
  • Customizable Solutions for Online Shops: Our size charts are fully customizable, allowing brands to align them with their specific branding requirements and interface needs. Whether clients prefer to manage customization themselves or seek our assistance, we are ready to help.

Embedding Made Easy

  • How to Integrate Our Charts into Your Platform: Integration is straightforward with our size charts. We support a variety of platforms including eBay, Shopify, and Etsy, ensuring that our charts can enhance any online shopping environment.
  • Supported Platforms: We offer detailed guides and premium support for a smooth integration process, ensuring our size charts are an asset to any platform.

Why BlitzResults?

Accuracy You Can Trust

  • Industry-Leading Standards: Our commitment to manual measurements sets us apart, ensuring that every size chart reflects the real dimensions of apparel and shoes.
  • Our Measurement Process: We take pride in our labor-intensive, detailed measurement process. By manually measuring thousands of items, we capture the unique sizing nuances of different brands and styles, ensuring the highest accuracy possible.Behind the Scenes at BlitzResults

How we do it – the BlitzResults Lab

In the BlitzResults lab, our approach is straightforward and focused on delivering results. The space is set up for efficiency, with workstations equipped with the necessary tools for precise garment measurement: measuring tapes, digital calipers, and detailed spreadsheets for data entry.

The process begins with a pair of jeans, for example, from Levi’s. Each item is prepared for measurement by laying it out flat to ensure accuracy. Key dimensions such as waist, inseam, hip, and thigh are measured meticulously to eliminate errors. These measurements are then recorded into a database alongside the official size charts provided by Levi’s.

The critical stage involves analyzing these measurements against Levi’s published size charts. Our team uses analytical software to identify any discrepancies, focusing on areas where the actual measurements diverge from those listed by Levi’s. This comparison is grounded in the practical goal of identifying and correcting inaccuracies to improve sizing reliability.

We also align our findings with the standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This ensures that our size charts not only reflect real-world measurements but also adhere to internationally recognized sizing standards, providing a dual layer of credibility to our work.

Based on this comprehensive analysis, we draft revised size charts that reflect our empirical findings and standardization alignment. These drafts undergo a validation process, including fit testing on mannequins or live models to confirm the practical accuracy of the proposed sizes.

Final adjustments are made based on the outcomes of these tests, ensuring that the size charts we produce are both accurate and applicable to real-world use. Once finalized, these charts are made available to our clients, but our commitment to accuracy doesn’t stop there. We maintain an open feedback loop, allowing for continuous improvement based on real-world application and client feedback.

Our Impact

Environmental Benefits of Accurate Sizing: By reducing the need for returns, we are directly contributing to a decrease in the carbon footprint associated with shipping and packaging. Our fitting guarantee further emphasizes our commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Success Stories

Case Studies: We have helped numerous retailers dramatically decrease their return rates by integrating our size charts. For example, a well-known online clothing retailer saw a return rate drop from 30% to under 10% within months of using our size charts, illustrating the tangible benefits of our services.

Join Us

For Shoppers and Business Partners: Whether you’re looking to enhance your online store or ensure you’re buying the right size as a consumer, BlitzResults is here to help. Our easy-to-integrate size finder and customizable charts are designed to improve the online shopping experience for everyone.


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