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This guide helps you find your jeans size, unravelling the complexities tied to both women’s and men’s jeans sizes. After reading, you are armed with the essential knowledge and conversion tools to find your ideal jeans seamlessly. Prepare to step confidently into the denim realm, where style and comfort are intricately woven into every stitch.

We analyzed hundreds of clothing items from various brands, conducting thorough research to produce detailed size charts. Learn about our methodology and laboratory.
We analyzed hundreds of clothing items from various brands, conducting thorough research to produce detailed size charts. Learn about our methodology and laboratory.

How do jeans sizes work? Please note: There are no less than three different sizing systems for jeans in the UK:

  1. The most common method of sizing combines waist width (W) and leg length (L), expressed in inches and in that order, e.g., 32×30. W = waist width = waist circumference; L = leg length = length of inner leg/inseam.
  2. International sizing, also known as Alpha or letter sizing, which usually runs from XS (extra small) to XL (extra large).
  3. For women only: UK jean sizes are often represented by the standard UK size (e.g. 10, 12, 14). US standard sizing or misses sizing, is rendered as one single number, such as size 6.

Jeans Size Charts for Men

Size Chart Jeans Men UK

In this conversion chart, you will find a broad spectrum of jeans sizes for men. The average size worn by most men in the UK is a 34×32.

Jean Size Men (W)International SizeWaist (cm)Hip/Seat (cm)
26XXS66-68 cm84-86 cm
27XS68-71 cm86-89 cm
28XS71-74 cm89-92 cm
29S74-76 cm92-94 cm
30S76-79 cm94-97 cm
31M79-81 cm97-99 cm
32M81-84 cm99-102 cm
33M/L84-86 cm102-104 cm
34L86-89 cm104-107 cm
35L89-91 cm107-109 cm
36XL91-94 cm109-112 cm
38XL97-99 cm114-117 cm
40XXL102-104 cm119-122 cm
42XXL107-109 cm124-127 cm
44XXXL112-114 cm130-132 cm
46XXXL117-119 cm135-137 cm
48XXXL122-124 cm140-142 cm
504XL127-130 cm145-150 cm
524XL132-135 cm150-155 cm
545XL137-140 cm155-158 cm
565XL142-145 cm160-163 cm
586XL147-150 cm165-168 cm
606XL152-155 cm170-173 cm
Need more help? Convert to ▶️ International Sizes (EU, US, inches) or ▶️ Men to Women’s Sizes. Find out ▶️ How to measure, get ▶️ W/L explained or read the ▶️ FAQ.

Men’s Jeans Size Length (Inseam)

This chart is about finding your right jeans’ length according to your body height. What length of jeans should a 6-foot tall man wear? The answer is: jeans’ length should be 34” inseam length.

Body height in feet and inchesJeans Length (L) in Inches (Inseam)SML-Size (Length Inseam)Body heigt in meters + centimeters
5'2''- 5'5''28XS1,58 - 1,66
5'6'' - 5'7''30S1,67 - 1,71
5'8'' - 6'0''32M1,72 - 1,82
6'0'' - 6'4''34L1,82 - 1,93
6'5'' - 6'6''36XL1,93 - 1,98
6'7'' - 6'8''382XL1,98 - 2,03

Find our detailed how to measure inseam and how to measure waist size here.

Jean Size Chart for Women

Jean Size Chart UK Women

This chart boasts a gamut of jeans sizes for women. Measure your size, then check which jeans size corresponds to your measurements. The average woman wears a jeans size of 32×30.

Jean Size (W)UK Size WomenWomen US Misses SizeInter­natio­nal SizeWaist (cm)Hip (cm)
Need more help? Convert to ▶️ International Sizes (EU, UK, cm) or ▶️ Men to Women’s Sizes. Find out ▶️ How to measure, get ▶️ W/L explained or read the ▶️ FAQ.

Women’s Jeans Size Length (Inseam)

What size jeans should I wear for my height? Find out the perfect length for your jeans with this jeans’ length guide by height.

Body height in feet and inchesJeans Length (L) in Inches (Inseam)SML-SizeBody heigt in centimeters
up to 5'3''28''XSup to 1,60 m
5'4'' - 5'5''30''S1,60 - 1,66 m
5'6'' - 5'7''32''M1,66 - 1,72 m
5'8'' - 5'10''34''L1,72 - 1,78 m
5'11'' and taller36''XL1,78 m and taller

More about women’s jean sizes here. Find our detailed how to measure inseam and how to measure waist size here.

Kids’ Jean Size Chart

Kids Jeans SizeInter­natio­nal SizeAge (years)Waist (Inches)Leg lenght (Inches)
6S5 to 623''19 - 20''
7M6 to 724''21 - 23''
8M7 to 824.5''23 - 24''
10L8 to 925.5''24 - 26''
12XL9 to 1026''26 - 28''
14XL10 to 1127-28''28 - 30''
16XXL11 to 1229-30''30 - 31''
18XXXL12 to 1330-31''31 - 32''

What does the abbreviation W/L for jeans mean?

Regarding the W/L size, W stands for waist width (W = width) and L stands for leg length (L = length).

Each pants size that is labelled in inches includes these two figures, and in that order. For example, if you wear jeans size 36/32, the number 36 means that you have a waist width of 36 inches (ca. 92 cm). The number 32 then corresponds to a leg length of 32 inches (ca. 81 cm).

How to Measure Jeans Size

How to measure your jeans size
This image explains how you can measure your jean size easily.

Here’s how you can readily measure your own jeans size at home. Either of these two uncomplicated and dependable methods will yield your precise jeans size, that is, waist width and leg length:

  1. Measure body: With a level tape measure, assess your waist for regular trousers, or widest part of lower body for low-rise trousers. Measure inner leg length from crotch to ankle or desired length. Adjust if you wear heels or want jeans to reach shoes/ankle.
  2. Measure jeans: Choose well-fitting jeans, lay them flat, and measure the waistband in inches, then double it. Measure the inner seam from the crotch to the bottom corner of the trouser leg. The jeans size is the combination of these two measurements (waist/length).

Average Jeans Sizes for Men

If you don’t have a tape measure, are buying for boyfriend/husband, or just want to rely on averages: The size worn by most men in the UK is a 34×32. An average-sized man wears

  • very slim (XS) = 30/32 (waist/length)
  • slim (S) = 32/32 (waist/length)
  • normal (M) = 34/32 (waist/length)
  • large size (L) = 36/32 (waist/length)
  • plus size (XL) = 38/32 (waist/length)

Average Jeans Size for Women

What is the average women’s jeans size in the UK? Most women wear a jeans size of 32×30. (waist/length). An average-sized woman wears:

  • extremely slim (XXS) = 26/30 (waist/length)
  • very slim (XS) = 28/30 (waist/length)
  • slim (S) = 30/30 (waist/length)
  • average (M), but tight and low fitting = 32/30 (waist/length)
  • average (M), but rather high rise/seat and comfortable fit = 34/32
  • large (L)= 36/32 (waist/length)
  • extra large (XL) = 38/32 (waist/length)

Jeans Cuts and Fits and what they mean for your size

  1. Fit:
    • Skinny: Fits extremely close, “painted on”.
    • Slim: Tight but not as narrow as skinny.
    • Regular: Traditional, leaves 2″-3″ slack, also “classic” or “original fit”.
    • Relaxed: Baggiest width, also “loose fit” or “boyfriend jeans”.
  2. Cut:
    • Tapered: Gradually tightens from knee to ankle.
    • Straight: Equal knee and leg opening size.
    • Boot cut: Larger leg opening than knee.
    • Capri: Tighter than tapered, three-quarter-length.
    • Flares: Widens into bell shape.

Find women’s jeans cuts here.

At a glance

  • Waist & Length: Vital measurements for jeans; measure where you wear jeans (waist) and from the crotch to the ankle (inside leg) = length.
  • Men vs Women: Differing size charts; women’s sizes also take hip measurements into account.
  • Size Inclusivity: Some brands provide a variety of sizes, including plus and extended, to cater to diverse body shapes.
  • Reviews: Helpful for gaining insights on fit; adjust size if multiple reviews suggest deviation from standard sizing.


W28 Size in UK

Size W28 jeans in the UK would indicate a waist measurement of 28 inches (approximately 71 cm) and typically an inside leg measurement of around 30-34 inches (approximately 76 to 86 cm). In general, this is considered a small size. You can find more specific conversions here.


Size 32 jeans in UK

In UK jeans sizing, a size 32 corresponds to a 32-inch waist size (approximately 81 cm) and is usually paired with a 32-34 inch inside leg measurement (approximately 81-86 cm), often labelled as medium size. More specific conversions can be found here.


Size W30 jeans in UK

A size 30 jeans in the UK represents a waist measurement of 30 inches (approximately 76 cm), typically associated with a small-medium size.For further measurements and conversions, visit this website.


Size 25 jeans in UK

A size 25 in UK jeans corresponds to a 25-inch waist circumference (approximately 64 cm). This is often seen as an extra small size. For additional measurements and conversions, check this chart.


How do I convert pants sizes to jeans sizes?

Men’s jeans sizes consist of two numbers: the first number is waist size, the second is leg length, e.g., 34×30. Most pants sizes use the same system, but some brands use different sizes like S, M, L, or US Sizes. Refer to this chart to convert.

Women’s jeans sizes go by the same two numbers (e.g., 32×30 means waist length of 32 inches, leg length of 30 inches). But women’s pant sizes go by standard women’s waist sizes like 4, 6, 8, etc. Consult this pant size conversion chart.


How can I measure my jeans size at home?

To find your jeans size, measure your waistline where you usually wear a belt and note the circumference in inches. This is your waist size (W). Then measure your inner leg length from crotch to ankle or desired jeans end. This is your length (L). Alternatively, take a pair of well-fitting jeans, lay them flat, measure across the top of the waist (double this for your waist size), and measure from crotch to leg end for the length. More info.


What is the difference between jeans and trouser sizes?

Try our easy guide on how to measure your jeans size and convert those measurements into the US, UK, Euro and international jeans sizes here, and a chart for trouser sizes here. Use our jeans size chart to convert any standard trouser size into a jean size, for both men and women.


How do I find my size in jeans?

Jeans sizes are based on two measurements: waist circumference, or waist width (W) and length of the leg (L). The waist/length ratio is given in inches (in). For example: a waist size of 32 inches and leg length of 30 inches is a jeans size 32×30. Some brands also use alpha (as in “alphabetical”) sizing such as XS, S, M, L, XL, or US standard pants sizes, referred to in this conversion chart.


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