Chinese Clothing & Shoe Size Charts to US | Men, Women & Kids

We analyzed hundreds of clothing items from various brands, conducting thorough research to produce detailed size charts. Learn about our methodology and laboratory.

Navigating through Chinese clothing and shoe sizes can be a tricky terrain for the uninitiated. This guide brings you easy-to-understand size charts, international conversion techniques, and expert tips to help you find your perfect Chinese size and make the conversion to U.S. sizes effortless.

Chinese Sizes Men (Tops, Shirts)

For articles of men’s clothing such as T-shirts, coats, and collared shirts, sizes are labeled with a height and chest circumference number measured in centimeters, e.g., 170/96-98. For dress shirts, the measurement of chest circumference in inches is often used in place of centimeters.

US Alpha SizingChina Alpha SizingChinese Sizes -Height/Chest (cm)Chinese Dress Shirt SizesChest Circum­ference
XSS160/84-8733 - 3434"
SM165/88-9035 - 3737"
ML170/96-9838 - 3939"
LXL175/101-10440 - 4141"
XLXXL180/106-10942 - 4343"
XXLXXXL185/111-13044 - 4545"

Chinese Sizes Men (Bottoms, Pants)

Chinese Pant SizesUS Alpha SizingWaist
Inseam Length

Chinese Sizes Women (Tops, Shirts)

For women’s tops, sizes are also indicated with a dual number, representing height and bust circumference in centimeters, e.g., 165/88.

US Alpha SizingChinese Alpha SizingChinese Sizes -Height/­Chest (cm)Chest Circum­ference
Height (feet & inches)

Chinese Sizes Women (Bottoms, Pants)

Chinese Women Pant SizesChinese Alpha SizingUS Misses SizeUS Alpha SizingUS W/L Size
36M4 - 6S28/31
38L8 - 10M30/31
40XL12 - 14L32/32
42XXL16 - 18XL34/32

Shoe Size Conversion US Shoe Size – Chinese Shoe Size CN

US Men's Shoe SizeChinese Men's Shoe SizeUS Women's Shoe SizeChinese Women's Shoe Size

Chinese Clothing Sizes Children

Chinese sizes for children’s clothes are measured and labeled in a variety of ways. A couple examples: In China, children’s clothing sizes can be based on age (1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, etc.) or on height in centimeters.

US Children Clothes SizesChinese Sizes (Age)Chinese Size (Height in cm)
1Y1Y - 2Y73 - 80
2Y2Y - 3Y75 - 85
3Y3Y - 4Y85 - 95
4Y4Y - 5Y95 - 105
5Y6Y - 7Y105 - 115
6Y-7Y8Y - 9Y115 - 125
8Y-9Y10Y - 11Y125 - 135
10Y-11Y12Y - 13Y135 - 145
12Y14Y - 15Y145 - 155

Shoe Size Conversion US Childrens Shoe Size – Chinese Kids Shoe Size CN

US Kids Shoe SizeChinese Kids
Shoe Size

Guidance for Navigating the Chinese Clothing Sizing System

  • US vs Chinese Sizing Systems: US clothing sizes are generally denoted as small, medium, and large, whereas Chinese sizes often hinge on specific metrics such as height, weight, and bust size. Chinese measurements typically use centimeters (cm), unlike the US inches system.
  • Body Proportions: On average, Chinese individuals are shorter and possess a smaller build than Americans, which influences the design of clothing sizes. Manufacturers create sizes to fit their target market’s average body type.
  • Size Comparison: Chinese sizes generally run smaller than their Western counterparts (US, UK, and EU). For example, a Chinese medium size will likely be smaller than a US medium.
  • Quick Conversion: One strategy for US shoppers is to increase the size by 2 to 3 notches to approximate the Chinese equivalent. However, using the size conversion charts for a more accurate fit is recommended.
  • Women’s Sizes: Women’s clothing in China may feature a more fitted waist and hips, in contrast to the US designs that are more form-fitting overall. Chinese women’s sizes might also take into account weight and bust size, unlike US sizes that mainly consider height and weight.
  • Men’s Sizes: Men’s clothing in China may have a more relaxed, boxy fit compared to the more tailored fit in the US. Chinese men’s sizes may depend on height and weight, while US sizes often focus on height and chest measurement.

Understanding Chinese Sizes

As might be expected, Chinese sizes differ considerably from current US sizing standards. For example, clothes from China are sometimes labeled with two numbers, e.g., 165/80. In this figure, the first number represents the height of the wearer in centimeters. The second number expresses the circumference of the wearer’s chest or bust in centimeters.

Alternatively, Chinese clothes—especially those intended for export—often are labeled in basic alpha sizes (XS, S, M, etc.). In this case, please remember that Chinese alpha sizes, as most Asian sizes, tend to run smaller than their US or UK counterparts, so in many cases, an M should rather be regarded as an S.

Asian clothes on hanger in a shop


What is a US size M in China?

In China’s sizing system, a medium size in US clothing for men typically equates to a 2XL. For women’s clothing, a US medium size often translates to a Large or Extra Large size in China. This size difference is due to the variance in sizing standards between the two countries. You can learn more about these size differences here.


What size is Large in China clothing?

When comparing clothing sizes between the US and China, a Large size in China’s men’s clothing is approximately equivalent to a Small size in the US. For women’s clothing, a Large size in China generally aligns with a Medium size in the US. This difference in sizing can make shopping for clothes in different countries a bit challenging. Click here for more details on Chinese clothing sizes.


How big is XL in China?

In China, an Extra Large size, or XL, is somewhat similar to a Medium size in US men’s clothing. For women’s clothing, a Chinese XL is generally equivalent to a US Large size. These discrepancies in sizing are due to the differing measurement systems and standards used in the two countries. For further information on Chinese sizes, click here.