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Parenting: Media Consumption and Screen Time among Children and Teenagers. Effects on Mind and Health.

Office: 5 easy things you can do to combat back pain

Meat-Consumption: Online Calculator Lets You See the Impact of Your Meat Intake — on Animals, the Climate and Your Health

Kids’ Shoe Sizes: 65% of All Kids Are Wearing the Wrong Shoe Size

Percentage Dyscalculia: Three-Quarters of Americans Lose Money Because of Poor Math Skills Leading to Suboptimal Purchase Decisions


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Parenting: Screen Time / Media Usage

Article about the rise in media consumption among children and teenagers. Effects on the mental and physical health of our kids + best practices and tips that will help parents keep their kids from suffering a “screen time overdose.”

Children’s Shoes

Ill-fitting children’s shoes can lead to foot deformities and other serious health issues. Read our study or check out this article with background information.


Various infographics on the subject of factory farming, meat consumption and vegetarianism. Detailed background information, sources and a calculator can be found here.

Ergonomic Office

The following infographics summarize tips on the ergonomic setup of an office desk, tables and other office appliances. More information on the topic and the appropriate calculator can be found here.


Shoe Size

How-to guides to measure feet correctly and find the perfect shoe size. More information, converters and size charts.