What are the Best Shoes for Kids? 12 Shoe Types you Need to Know

There are many shoe types you should consider for your kids depending on their interests and age. Below we explore some of the most popular kids’ shoes.

Kids’ basketball shoes

Kids’ basketball shoes are designed for fast movements on the court. They are manufactured to include ankle protection and excellent traction to prevent against injury after slipping during a game of basketball. These shoes are also very comfortable for jumping around and running. Your child will require high-quality basketball shoes for safety and improved performance so they can enjoy the game.

Infants and toddlers wear US shoe sizes 0C to 10C, which fit feet sizes from 3 3/16 to 6 9/16 inches. Little kids wear from 10.5 C to 3Y, with measurements ranging from 6 3/8 to 8 3/8 inches. Big kids wear shoes from 3.5Y to 7Y, which ranges from 81/2 to 9 5/8 inches.

Kids’ barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes are sneakers for kids that imitate being barefoot. They are mainly used for supporting young bones since the bones on human feet take over 18 years to become strong enough to support themselves. The shoes relieve stress and impacts produced by jumping, playing, and walking. These shoes realign your kids’ posture and improve stability by helping them walk and run straighter. Barefoot shoes are available in the smallest size 0C since they are recommended for kids learning how to walk.

Kids’ minimalist shoes

Minimalist shoes are similar to barefoot shoes. They, however, restrict the movement of feet more compared to barefoot shoes that allow for natural foot movement. These types of shoes do not have heels and allow the muscles on your child’s feet to develop naturally. Minimalist shoes are a practical option for kids of all foot sizes.

Kids’ water shoes

Water shoes protect your kids’ feet from hazards such as sharp objects in the water when they go swimming or to a water park. They are also non-slip and allow natural movements on water-logged surfaces.

Water shoes are worn by toddlers with shoe sizes from 4C to 10C and by small and big kids with shoe sizes ranging from 10.5C to 8Y. They are worn by kids old enough to go into the water on their own.

Light up shoes

Light up shoes are kids’ favorite sneakers. Kids are always eager to put them on, jump around, run, and play in them. This increased activity helps their muscles become stronger. They also help you spot your kid from a distance in low light.

Light up shoes have a battery and LED lights and are available from size 1Y. The insole of these shoes is slightly smaller than the shoe, so a larger shoe size is recommended for your child.

Orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes are good for your kids since they help maintain the correct foot position. These shoes have toe boxes that are generously proportioned, and provide heel and arch support that helps in maintaining the natural shape of the foot. Orthopedic shoe sizes start from 2Y as they are meant for growing feet.

Heels for kids

Toddlers do not need heels. Older children, however, can wear stylish heels that do not exceed one inch. There is a danger that high heels for kids will cause the foot to slide forward, which will result in discomfort. Heels are recommended from size 1Y for kids with a foot size beyond 7 5/8 inches. They are mostly worn by girls.

Golden shoes for kids

Gold shoes add bling or sparkle to any child’s outfit. These are stylish shoes for kids of all ages and can be developed using many designs. Golden shoes come in all sizes.

Preschool shoes

Preschool shoes are mainly for toddlers. They are lightweight shoes made of canvas or leather and allow for energy walking. They should fit the child properly as they are created for small feet. They are supposed to be alternatives for kids who prefer walking barefoot. Preschoolers range from 3 to 5 years old in the US, meaning their shoes range from sizes 9C to 12.5C.

Lebron James shoes for kids

Lebron James shoes are stylish sneakers that are developed by Nike. They are developed for boys of all ages and come in different sizes and colors. Lebron James shoe sizes for kids begin at 1Y.

Kids’ bowling shoes

Kids, just like adults, require different types of shoes for games and sport. Bowling shoes for kids are developed to be soft and durable, making them comfortable to wear. They have an outsole made of rubber and an insole made of microfibers that are the source of comfort. Bowling shoes are for bigger kids and range from 1Y to 6Y.

Roller shoes

Roller shoes are sneakers with wheels. There are specific types of these shoes that can be utilized for walking, running, or rolling by shifting your weight. Manufacturers also have different variations and may add lights to their designs.