Toddler Shoe Size Chart By Age, Conversion, Guide

Picking the right shoe size for your toddler without trying it on may prove difficult, and you could end up choosing the wrong size especially when buying online. Our toddler shoe size charts are here to help.

Few tips to remember is that US shoe sizes for toddlers, in general, are labeled based on age and also the length of the foot in inches.

There is also no difference between the shoe size for boys and girls at this stage. Toddler shoe sizes are for kids between 2 and 5 years old.

Toddler Shoe Size Chart by Age

AgeUS Shoe Size
1 year4.5C
13 - 15 months5C
16 - 18 months6C
21 - 24 months7C
2 years8C
3 years9C

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If missing the size of your child’s actual foot measurement, the safest way to pick a shoe for your toddler is to base the size on the age of your child. This toddler shoe size by age chart will help you. Using this sizing standard, labels for some toddler shoes are also tagged with the age and a “T” following the number which stands for years, while others just bear the numeric age number. So 2T would be a shoe that is suitable for a 2-year-old toddler, see this chart for babies and infants.

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Toddler Shoe Size Chart

AgeUS Shoe SizeFoot length (inch)
1 year4.5C4 3/4"
13 - 15 months5C5"
16 - 18 months6C5 1/4"
21 - 24 months7C5 5/8"
2 years8C6"
3 years9C6 1/4"

Depending on the shoemaker, toddler shoe size may be labeled based on the length of the foot rather than the age of your child. We recommend parents to rely on this measurement more as it reflects the actual measurement of your child’s foot better than the age scaled sizing. The above toddler shoe size chart with inches will help you find the right size.

Toddler Shoe Sizes US

Remember: No two kids grow up at the same pace. Some kids tend to develop faster or slower than others so using age as the basis for the toddler shoe size is not very accurate.

Toddler Shoe Size Conversion

Toddler shoe size conversion

Toddler shoe size conversion is not too complex. To convert US toddler shoe size to UK, simply subtract 0.5 to the existing US size of your child. To convert to EU, add 15-15.5 to the US toddler shoe size. And if you want to convert to Japanese sizing, simply add 7.5 to the US shoe size.

US Shoe Size KidsEU Kids Shoe SizeUK Shoe Size KidsCAMXJPAU
5CEU 20.5UK 4.5512.512.54.5
6CEU 21.5UK 5.561313.55.5
7CEU 23UK 6.571414.56.5
8CEU 24.5UK 7.581515.57.5
9CEU 25.5UK 8.5915.5168.5

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What are the best shoes for toddlers?

Children’s shoes should be made of soft material and allow the feet to breathe. Many podiatrists add that shoes should also have a stiff heel (press on both sides of the heel counter, it shouldn’t collapse) and recommend shoes for toddlers with a rigid middle (shoe should never twist in the middle).

For toddlers who will start learning to walk at this age, lightweight shoes with breathable materials and anti-skid features should be used to help support the baby as they further strengthen their muscle grip and balance. Too heavy shoes may cause an imbalance and fall. They can progress to firmer soled shoes once they have learned how to walk for a period of time and parents are confident they could walk on their own without falling.

Shoes for little kids at this point require more durable, but still soft and flexible materials, as they engage in more activities by this age. Indoors, as they learn how to walk or stride, kids should spend some time barefoot or in socks with rubber soles to prevent slip. Outdoors, fit, form, and function, should be key considerations.

To provide enough wiggle room for babies to roll their foot, shoes are usually given an allowance of  ½ to ¾ inches, added to the foot length. Shoes should also be flexible and breathable to provide ample air circulation. Did you know that over 65% of kids are wearing shoes that are too small for their feet?

When can toddlers wear hard soled shoes?

After your toddler reaches 2 years old, you may need to transition to shoes with hard-soled shoes as your little kid learns to walk longer, more freely, and on different surfaces.  Hard-soled shoes provide protection to the feet and are recommended in general when your child is already putting more pressure on their feet while walking.

Socks or shoes for toddlers?

Whether parents would opt for socks or shoes for their toddlers is a long-debated question. In general, socks are better to keep toddlers’ feet warm and cozy, while shoes are obviously better suited for the outdoors.

Recommended materials for toddler socks include soft cotton with some elasticity to keep the socks tight on the toddler’s feet.

For toddlers who will start learning to walk by this age, a soft-soled shoe made of lightweight, breathable materials is necessary to protect the child’s feet from rough surfaces and splinters when outdoors.

What shoes are best for first walkers?

It is only when your child takes their first steps outside that you will need to deal with purchasing shoes. In order to provide enough space for the rolling of the foot, the shoes on the inside should be half an inch to 3/4 inch longer than the foot. The shoes should be flexible and have good air circulation.