▶ Asian Size Chart to UK Sizes: China, Japan, Korea

Asian fashion offers an intriguing blend of modesty and flair, minimalism and grandeur – a style many Brits wish to incorporate into their wardrobe. Yet, the distinct size standards can pose a challenge. Fear not. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Asian size to UK conversions to simplify your shopping experience.

How does Asian Size to UK conversion work?

You might assume that being familiar with UK sizing makes global shopping straightforward. But, beware, size standards can differ vastly, particularly in Asia.

Shopping on Asian platforms can leave you puzzled, or worse, with ill-fitting garments. It’s essential to understand these nuances when buying from various Asian retailers.

Here’s a snapshot of some country-specific sizing methodologies. Asian sizes tend to run smaller compared to UK sizes. They tend to vary per country, but the most common sizes are from China, Japan, and Korea. If a clothing item runs in “free size” or “one size,” do not buy it if you are a size 14 or above in the UK.

Chinese Clothing Sizes

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In China, they use two different systems. This is because they measure two different parts of the body. You may see, for example, that if you want to convert a china size to UK, a size medium in the UK is a size 88 – 90 or 165 – 170 in China.

Japanese Clothing Sizes

Japan uses the lettered system (XS-XL). However, you have to be cautious because these sizes tend to run smaller compared to UK sizes. A medium in Asian size would perhaps be small in UK stores.  Japan also uses two different numbered systems in sizing. So you might see, if you want to convert Japan size to UK, that sizes 9 or 38 equivalent to a UK small.

Korean Clothing Sizes

This country uses a very simple numbered system. You will see that if you want to convert Korean size to UK, a size 55 for small in the UK size, for example.

Asian Size Charts

Asian Clothing Size to UK Conversion Chart – Women

UK Clothes SizeInter­natio­nalChina Clothes SizeJapan Clothes SizeKorea Clothes Size
6XS160-165 / 84-86S / 36 / 544
8XS160-165 / 84-86S / 36 / 744
10S165-170 / 88-90M / 38 / 955
12S165-170 / 88-90M / 38 / 955
14M167-172 / 92-96L / 40 / 1166
16M167-172 / 92-96L / 40 / 1166
18L168-173 / 98-102L, XL / 42 / 1377
20L168-173 / 98-102L, XL / 42 / 1377
22XL170-176 / 106-110XXL / 3L / 15
24XL170-176 / 106-110XXL / 3L / 1588
26XXL4L / 17
28XXL5L / 19

A more detailed discussion on women’s clothing sizes is available here.

Asian Clothing Size to UK Conversion Chart – Men

UK Clothes SizeInter­natio­nalChina Clothes SizeJapan Clothes SizeKorea Clothes Size
14XSS / 3690
14.5XSS / 3790
15S165 / 88-90M / 3895
15 - 15.5S165 / 88-90M / 3995
15.5 - 16M170 / 96-98L / 40100
16M170 / 96-98L / 41100
16.5L175 / 108-110L, XL / 42105
17L175 / 108-11043105
17.5XL180 / 118-12244110
17.5XL180 / 118-12244110
XXL185 / 126-130
XXL185 / 126-130

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Asian Shoe Size to UK

Asia to UK Shoe Size

With this Asian Shoe Size chart you can easily convert different Asian shoe sizes (China, Japan, Korea, etc) into UK shoe sizes.

UK SizeIndian Shoe SizeChinese Shoe Size (CN)Japanese Shoe Size (JP)KP (mm)

Understanding Asian Sizes and Conversions

Many find retail therapy relaxing, until they grapple with size discrepancies and varying measurement standards. Regrettably, clothing sizes aren’t universal.

Asian clothes on hanger in a shop

Understanding size conversion becomes an essential, albeit tedious, task. For instance, Asian clothing typically runs smaller than European, UK, and American sizes. Due to Asia’s naturally smaller build, some larger sizes might be unavailable in their stores. Thus, familiarising yourself with size conversions is crucial to avoid mistakes and waste of money when shopping.


Chinese Shoe Size to UK

Chinese shoe sizes differ considerably from UK sizes. China uses the same system like EU shoe sizes. However, they run smaller, meaning a Chinese size might equate to a smaller UK size. Thus, it’s crucial to refer to our Asia to UK shoe size conversion chart when purchasing Chinese shoes.


CN Size to UK

Converting CN (China) sizes to UK sizes can be a bit tricky due to differences in measurement systems. To ensure accuracy when shopping, it’s recommended to refer to a reliable CN to UK size conversion chart.


Asian Size to UK

The concept of a unified ‘Asian Size’ is a misconception. Each nation, including major ones like China, Japan, and Korea, follows its own sizing system. For accurate conversions, refer to our dedicated ‘Country-Specific Asian Size Guide‘ here.