Toddler clothing and shoe sizes for boys & girls

Shopping for toddler’s (kids who are 2 to 5 years old) clothes can be a bit confusing when you have different sizing options. It is also different from buying child size clothes. In general, the US sizing uses the age of the child or based on the weight and height of the child (in pounds and inches) for toddler sizes. Sometimes, it is also measured using the dimensions of the chest, hip, and waist. American sizing also uses “T” which stands for “toddler.”

The UK sizing for toddler clothes and shoes are based on the age of the child. In Europe, manufacturers base the sizes on the height of the child in centimeters whether for your boy or girl child.

The main difference between toddler and child clothing? It really depends on the clothing manufacturer, but oftentimes, toddler sizes are wider to accommodate the diaper and the cut is also very generic for both girls and boys.

Toddler Clothing Sizes (Height, Weight)

One way to identify the size of your toddler in US sizing standard is by using the height and weight measurement of your child often denoted in inches and pounds. The “T” stands for “toddler.” The size for boys and girls are still the same since at this age, both sexes have yet to develop distinct body features.

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Toddler Clothing Size (Height, Weight) Chart

US SizeHeight
2T33" - 35"24 - 28
3T36" - 38.5"28.5 - 32
4T39" - 41"33 - 36
5T42" - 44"37 - 41
545" - 47"42 - 46
648" - 49"47 - 53

Toddler Clothing Sizes (Height, Chest, Waist)

It is often recommended to use the specific body measurements of your child in determining their clothes sizes to get the perfect fit. After all, even kids at the same age or with the same weight and height could still have different body measurements.

Use the chart below to determine your toddler’s clothing size based on height, chest and waist measurement.

Toddler Clothing Size (Height, Chest, Waist) Chart

US SizeHeight
2T33" - 35"20.5" - 21.5"19.5" - 20.5"
3T36" - 38.5"21" - 22"20" - 21"
4T39" - 41"21.5" - 22.5"20.5" - 21.5"
5T42" - 44"22" - 23"21" - 22"
545" - 47"23.5" - 24.5"21.5" - 22.5"
648" - 49"24" - 25.5"23" - 24"

Toddler Clothing Sizes by Age (Months, US Size)

The most general sizing used for toddlers in the US is finding the clothing size based on the age of the child. It is often labeled with the age and a “T” affixed on it to denote that the size is for toddlers.

Toddler Clothing Size by Age Chart

US SizeAge
2T1 1/2 - 2 years
3T3 years
4T4 years
5T5 years
55-6 years
66 years

Toddler Onesie Sizes

Onesies are probably one of the most common clothing used by toddlers and their sizes in the US are often based on the length of the toddler measured in inches. It is also labeled as 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T and 6 depending on the length. But again, these are merely approximate and it’s still advisable to check the sizing standards used by a brand.

Use the size chart below as a reference to find the right onesie size for your toddler.

Toddler Onesie Sizes Chart

US SizeLength
2T20 1/4"1 1/2 - 2 years
3T20 1/2"3 years
4T22 3/4"4 years
5T23 1/4"5 years
6255-6 years

Toddler Hat Sizes

There is no one standardized measurement for hat sizes depending on the brand. In the US, hats for toddlers could either be sized based on age, or on the circumference of the head. It is important to note though that hat sizing based on the actual head measurement of your toddler tends to yield more accurate results.

Toddler Hat Sizes Chart

US SizeAgeHead Circumference
2T1 1/2 - 2 years19 ⅛” - 20”
3T3 years20” - 20 ¼”
4T4 years20 ¼”- 20 ½”
5T5 years20 ½” - 20 ¾”
65-6 years20 ¾” - 21”


Toddler Pants Sizes

Toddler pants or tights have pretty straightforward cuts and is usually measured the same way for both the girl and boy toddler. Different brands may use different sizing standards, but in the US in general, pants sizes are labeled according to age, weight, and waist. Use the chart below as a guide to shopping the perfect toddler pants for your little one.

Toddler Pants Sizes Chart

US SizeAgeWaist
2T1 1/2 - 2 years20.5” - 21”24 - 28
3T3 years21” - 21.5”28.5 - 32
4T4 years21.5” - 22”33 - 36
5T5 years22” - 22.5”
37 - 41
65-6 years22” - 22.5”37 - 41

Toddler Clothing Sizes Conversion

The easiest way to convert US toddler sizes to different other sizing standards such as the UK, EU, and Japan is to actually use a conversion chart. The wide range of sizing standard offer in each country, depending on the manufacturer, makes it difficult to have a one-standard approach to converting one size to the other.

Remember though that the US and UK clothing sizes for toddlers are based on the age of the child, while in Europe, generally, sizes are based on the child’s length (height) measured in centimeters. In Japan, clothing sizes are also labeled by the height of the child in cm.

Toddler Clothing Sizes Conversion Chart

US SizeUK SizeEUJapan
2T2 - 392 - 9824 - 28
3T3 - 498 - 10428.5 - 32
4T4 - 5104 - 11033 - 36
5T4 - 5110 - 11637 - 41
65 - 6116 - 12237 - 41

How do Toddler Shoe Sizes work?

Picking the right shoe size for your toddler without trying it on may prove difficult and you could end up choosing the wrong size especially when buying online. Few tips to remember is that US shoe sizes for toddlers, in general, are labeled based on age and also the length of the foot in inches.

There is also no difference between the shoe size for boys and girls at this stage. Toddler shoe sizes are for kids 2-5 years old.

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Toddler Shoe Sizes US (US size, Inch)

Depending on the shoemaker, toddler shoe size may be labeled based on the length of the foot rather than the age of your child. We recommend parents to rely on this measurement more like the actual measurement of your child’s foot will tend to give you the most perfect shoe fit for your child too. The sizes correspond to the size

Remember: No to kids grow up at the same pace. Some kids tend to develop faster or slower than each other so using the age as the basis for the size is always not very accurate. You may also use the “rule of thumb” in a dire situation before shopping for your toddler’s shoes.

Toddler Shoe Sizes US (US size, Inch) Chart

US Shoe SizeFoot Length
7.5 - 8.55 ¾” - 6 ⅛”
9 - 9.56 ¼” - 6 ⅜”
10 - 11.56 ⅝” - 7”
12 - 12.57 ⅛” - 7 ¼”
13 - 13.57 ⅜” - 7 ½”

Toddler Shoe Sizes by Age (Months, US Size)

If missing the size of your child’s actual foot measurement, the safest way to pick a shoe for your toddler is to base the size on the age of your child. Using this sizing standard, labels for Some toddler shoes are also tagged with the age and a “Y” following the number which stands for years, while others just bear the numeric age number.

Toddler Shoe Sizes by Age (Months, US Size) Chart

US Shoe SizeAge
2Up to 24 months
3Up to 36 months
4Up to 48 months
5Up to 60 months
6Up to 72 months

Toddler Shoe Size Conversion

Although there is no universal conversion for toddler shoe sizes in country to country, as sizes could still vary depending on the brand and manufacturer, in general, US sizes and UK sizes are based on the age of the child. European toddler sizes are based on the length.

To convert US toddler shoe size to UK, simple subtract .5 to the existing US size of your child. To convert to EU, add 15-15.5 to the US toddler shoe size. To convert to Japanese sizing, simply add 7.5 to the US size of your toddler.

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US Shoe SizeUK SizeEUJapan

How to measure a Toddler (feet & body)

To measure the feet of your toddler: ask your child to stand, then place one foot on a tape measure, measuring from the heel to the edge of the longest toe. Remember that it is always advisable to get the feet measurement in the afternoon as the feet tend to expand during the day.

To measure the height of your toddler: simply measure from the toe to the top of the head while your child is standing upright against a wall.

To measure the chest of your toddler: measure the circumference at the widest point of your child’s upper torso (under the arms).

To measure the waist of your toddler: measure the circumference of your child’s waist at the narrowest part, just above the belly button.

Important tips for buying toddler shoes

In buying toddler shoes, remember to check the sizing standard used by the brand to determine the proper size for your child’s feet and don’t forget to bring your child’s measurements. If buying online, be sure to check the sizing chart and use our conversion charts if needed. Again, different brands may use different sizing standard so use our charts only as a guide.

Important tips for buying toddler clothes

In buying toddler clothes, it is important to remember that sizing standards could vary from country to country or even among different manufacturers. In the US in general, toddler clothes sizes use the age of the child, or it could also be based on the weight and height of the child. In the UK sizing for toddler clothes and shoes are based on the child’s age, while in Europe, manufacturers base the sizes on the height of the child in centimeters. All sizing standards, however, do not differentiate boys and girls sizes at this stage.