Kid’s Clothes Sizes: Charts for Boys, Girls & Toddlers

We analyzed hundreds of clothing items from various brands, conducting thorough research to produce detailed size charts. Learn about our methodology and laboratory.

This guide helps you find the right clothing size for your child.

Kids Size Chart & Youth Size Chart

These charts can also be read as kids shirt size chart or youth shirt size chart.

Boys Size Chart

US Boys SizeGeneral SizeApprox. AgeHeight (In)Weight (lbs.)
4XS3 - 439 - 41½31 - 38
5XS4 - 542 - 44½37 - 48
6S5 - 645 - 46½45 - 50
6XS6 - 747 - 48 ½48 - 52
7M6 - 749 - 50 ½50 - 55
8M7 - 851 - 5352 - 64
10L8 - 953½ - 5562 - 80
12L9 - 1055½ - 57½75 - 95
14XL10 - 1258 - 6088 - 98
16XL12 - 1360 - 6298 - 110
18XL13 - 1463 - 66110 - 115

Girls Size Chart

US Girls SizeGeneral SizeApprox. AgeHeight (In)Weight (lbs.)
4XS3 - 438 - 4231 - 38
5XS4 - 542 - 4437 - 48
6S5 - 644 - 4645 - 50
6XS6 - 746 - 4848 - 52
7M6 - 748 - 5050 - 55
8M7 - 850 - 5452 - 64
10L8 - 1054 - 5862 - 80
12L10 - 1258 - 6275 - 95
14XL12 - 1362 - 6488 - 98
16XL13 - 1464 - 6698 - 110

Toddler Size Chart Clothes

The “T” found next to size numbers stands for “Toddler.” For this age group, the size guide for boys and girls is the same.

Toddler SizeApprox. AgeHeight (In)Weight (lbs.)
2T2 years33½ - 35½28½ - 30
3T3 years36 - 38½30 - 33
4T4 years39 - 4134 - 38

Cracking the Code of Kids Clothing Sizes

  • Size-Age Relation: Initially, the sizing system seems straightforward: a size 2 is intended for 2-year-olds, a size 4 for 4-year-olds, and so on. This method works reasonably well for younger children. However, the age-size relationship becomes less reliable with older children. For instance, a size 12 might be more appropriate for a child who is 10 years old rather than 12.
  • Age Categories: In the United States, children’s clothing is commonly organized into specific sections that reflect different age groups. Shoppers can typically navigate through baby, toddler, kid, and occasionally, youth sections. Sizes in the toddler range span from 12M to either 4T or 5T. The kids’ section usually offers sizes from 4 up to 12, and sometimes extends to size 16, highlighting a slight overlap in sizing around the ages of 4 to 5 years.
  • Youth vs. Adult sizes: As children enter their teenage years, pinpointing the correct clothing size becomes increasingly complex. This arises from the significant variation in body measurements among teens. For instance, a 14-year-old may still fit into sizes available in the kids or youth sections, typically ranging from 12 to 16. Conversely, others might find that adult sizes, such as XS or S, offer a better fit.
  • S, M, L Sizes in Kids’ and Youth Clothing: Introducing an extra dimension to the sizing puzzle, several brands use the S (small), M (medium), L (large) system for kids and youth apparel. It’s essential to recognize that an S in kids’ or youth clothing does not correspond to an S in adult sizes.
  • Buy a size up: This helps, not if your child is between sizes, but also to anticipate that your child will for sure experience a growth spurt in the near future.
  • Account for Growth Differences: Due to individual growth variations, your child may need a size larger or smaller than their age indicates.

Insights from our Lab

Following an extensive review and measurement of hundreds of children’s clothing items in our lab, it has become evident that inconsistencies in sizing are widespread. This inconsistency is not limited to just the dimensions or measurements of the garments but extends to their labeling as well. Remarkably, such discrepancies can even be found within the product line of a single brand, complicating the process of shopping by size alone. Consequently, it is strongly advised to have children try on clothes prior to purchase to ensure a proper fit.

Kids Clothing Size Conversion Chart

US and UK typically match the child’s age, while European sizes use the child’s height. To translate between systems, use our kids size conversion chart.

US Kids SizeEU Kids SizeUK Kids Size
2T92 cm2-3
3T98 cm3-4
4T104 cm4-5
5104 - 110 cm4-5
6110 - 116 cm5-6
6X-7116 - 122 cm6-7
8122 - 128 cm7-8
10134 - 140 cm9-10
12146 - 152 cm11-12
14158 - 164 cm13-14
16170 - 180 cm15-16
Size Chart for Kids Clothes

Boys’ & Girls’ Belt Size Chart

Age/Clothes SizeBelt Size (inches)
7 Slim24
7 Regular26
7 Husky26
8 Slim24
8 Regular26
8 Husky28
9 Slim24
9 Regular26
9 Husky30
10 Slim26
10 Regular28
10X Husky30
12 Slim26
12 Regular28

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How to measure for Kids clothing sizes

To measure a child for clothing sizes, you’ll need a flexible tape measure, and it’s helpful to have the child in light clothing for accuracy. Here are the main measurements needed:

  • Height: Have the child stand against a wall, then measure from the floor to the top of their head. It’s easier if the child isn’t wearing shoes.
  • Chest: Measure around the fullest part of the child’s chest, usually right under the armpits. Make sure the tape measure is level and not too tight.
  • Waist: Measure around the natural waistline, the narrowest area of the waist. This is usually about an inch above the belly button.
  • Hips: Measure around the fullest part of the child’s hips and buttocks.
  • Inseam: This measurement is needed for pants and jeans. Measure from the inner thigh down to the bottom of the ankle.


What size is Youth Medium?

Youth Medium size is typically appropriate for children between the ages of 8 and 10. General measurements for this size often fall between 48 and 58 inches in height and 50 to 70 lbs in weight. However, this can vary depending on the brand or style of the clothes. Check our youth size charts here.


What size is Youth Small?

A Youth Small size generally fits kids in the age range of 6 to 8, with a height between 44 and 48 inches and a weight of about 40 to 50 lbs. This can vary depending on the brand or style of the clothes. For the most accurate fit, consult our size chart.


What size is 12-13 years girl?

For 12-13 year old girls, the typical size falls under the large categories in child or youth sizes, often marked as Youth Large (L) or Youth Extra Large (XL), corresponding to sizes 12-16 in most clothing brands. Check our youth size charts here.


What size is 10/12 in youth shirts?

A 10/12 in youth shirts typically corresponds to a Youth Medium (M) or Youth Large (L) in many clothing brands. Youth Medium (M): for children around ages 8-10, height between 48-58 inches, and weight around 50-70 lbs. Youth Large (L): for children around ages 10-12, height between 58-63 inches, and weight around 70-85 lbs. Check our youth size charts here.