Shoe Sizes by Inches

Shoe Size Chart Men

InchUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeFrench Shoe SizeItalian Shoe Size

Shoe Size Chart Women

InchUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeFrench Shoe SizeItalian Shoe Size

Shoe Size Chart Kids

InchAgeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeCM
3.25InfantsO.5 C0168.3
3.5Infants1 C0.5168.9
3.625Infants1.5 C1179.2
3.75Infants2 C1179.5
4Infants2.5 C1.51810.2
4.125Infants3 C21810.5
4.25Toddler3.5 C2.51910.8
4.5Toddler4 C31911.4
4.625Toddler4.5 C3.52011.7
4.75Toddler5 C42012.1
5Toddler5.5 C4.52112.7
5.125Toddler6 C5.52213
5.25Toddler6.5 C5.52213.3
5.5Toddler7 C62314
5.625Toddler7.5 C6.52314.3
5.75Toddler8 C72414.6
5Toddler8.5 C7.52515.2
6.125Toddler9 C82515.6
6.25Toddler9.5 C8.52615.9
6.5Toddler10 C92716.5
6.625Small Kid10.5 C9.52716.8
6.75Small Kid11 C102817.1
7Small Kid11.5 C10.52917.8
7.125Small Kid12 C113018.1
7.25Small Kid12.5 C11.53018.4
7.5Small Kid13 C123119.1
7.625Small Kid13.5 C12.53119.4
5.75Small Kid1 Y133219.7
8Small Kid1.5 Y143320.3
8.125Small Kid2 Y13320.6
8.25Small Kid2.5 Y1.53421
8.5Small Kid3 Y23421.6
8.625Big Kid3.5 Y2.53521.9
8.75Big Kid4 Y33622.2
9Big Kid4.5 Y3.53622.9
9.125Big Kid5 Y43723.2
9.25Big Kid5.5 Y4.53723.5
9.5Big Kid6 Y53824.1
9.625Big Kid6.5 Y53824.4
9.75Big Kid7 Y63924.8
How to measure your shoe size

Proper sizing: Measure your foot length by placing the foot on a sheet of paper. Mark the circumference (keep the pencil straight!). Then measure the longest distance with a ruler and convert using one of our calculators.

Shoe sizes could also be measured by the inches equivalent of the American, European, and UK sizing.

The numerical shoe size, whether you are buying American shoes or Parisian shoes, is based on the length of your foot – the distance from your heel to your longest toe, usually measured in inches or centimeter.

For men’s shoes, the inches sizing starts from 9 1/4″ which corresponds to a 23.5 cm, a US men’s 6, a UK 5.5 and a 39 in Euro sizing. The size runs to 13″ for men’s, which is equivalent to 33cm and a US 17. The UK and Euro measurement is only until 12 1/2″ or 32cm, this is a UK 15 and a 49/50 Euro size for men.

For women’s on the other hand, the inches sizing starts from 8 9/16″ (equivalent to 21.6cm, a US size 5, a UK size 3 and a 35/36 European size). This runs until 10 7/8″ (which is a 27.6cm size, a US 12, a UK 10 and a 42/43 Euro).

The children’s shoe measurement in inches is from 3 1/8, which is a 7.9cm, a size 0 for both the US and UK, and is a 15 for the European sizing. Usually, the children’s shoe sizes also includes the sizing for adolescents and this could measure until 9 3/4″ or 24.8cm. In US sizing, this is equivalent to a 7, a UK 6 and a 39 in Euro.

Keep in mind that some manufacturers may deviate from the traditional sizing charts, so it’s always a good idea to double check you measurements against those of the specific shoe brand you’re considering.

Indeed, knowing the shoe size is very important to finding a comfortable pair of shoes. A smaller shoe size that is too tight is most often tied to cramps, calluses and even painful ingrown toenails. A loose shoe size meanwhile causes blisters, corns and nail problems since your foot slides and rubs a certain area placing excessive pressure.

Despite online conversion chart options, the only way to know if a pair of shoes truly fits is by trying them on. Seek the assistance of a knowledgeable sales person in a shoe store. If you can’t try the shoes on, the next best thing to do is compare your measurements to the manufacturer’s or online retailer’s size chart.

Few tips on measuring your feet size:

Take your foot measurements at the end of the day, especially if you know your feet tend to swell throughout the day to anticipate the actual size of your feet when tired.

When measuring the shoe size, wear the socks or tights you plan to wear with the pair of shoes to experience the feel of actually wearing the same shoes and socks together.

Always trace and measure both feet, since it’s common for one foot to be a bit larger than the other. Use the largest foot to find your shoe size.

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