Chart: Euro Shoe Size to US

These charts provide a way to convert your US shoe size to EU sizes. For accurate EU shoe sizing, measure your foot and use a conversion chart rather than directly converting from US sizes.

Women: EU Shoe Size to US Chart

With this conversion chart for women, you can convert an EU shoe size to your US shoe size. For women, the average US shoe size is 9, converting to 40 EU.

US Women's ShoeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length in InchesFoot Length in CM
636922.9 cm
6.5379 1⁄623.3 cm
737.59 1⁄323.7 cm
7.5389 1⁄224.1 cm
8399 2⁄324.6 cm
8.539.59 5⁄625.0 cm
939.51025.4 cm
9.54010 1⁄625.8 cm
1040.510 1⁄326.2 cm
10.54110 1⁄226.7 cm
114210 2⁄327.1 cm
11.542.510 5⁄627.5 cm
12431127.9 cm

Men: EU Shoe Size to US Chart

With this chart for men, you can convert an EU shoe size to your US shoe size. The average men’s shoe size in the US is 11 which converts to EU 44.

US Men's ShoeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length in InchesFoot Length in CM
739.59 5⁄625.0 cm
7.539.51025.4 cm
84010 1⁄625.8 cm
8.540.510 1⁄326.2 cm
94110 1⁄226.7 cm
9.54210 2⁄327.1 cm
1042.510 5⁄627.5 cm
10.5431127.9 cm
114411 1⁄628.4 cm
11.544,511 1⁄328.8 cm
124511 1⁄229.2 cm
12.54611 2⁄329.6 cm
1346.511 5⁄630.1 cm
13.5471230.5 cm
144812 1⁄630.9 cm
14.548.512 1⁄331.3 cm
154912 1⁄231.8 cm
15.55012 2⁄332.2 cm

Cracking the Code for European Shoe Size Conversion

  • European shoe sizes are unisex, compared to the US standard which clearly separates men, women, and children’s shoe sizes. European sizing can extend up to a size 50, which measures 12 ⅔ inches. Men to Women Shoe Size. Children’s shoe sizes can also differ from adult shoe sizes.
  • European shoe sizes are measured in centimeters. Just like US shoes, though, the number does not correspond directly to the size of the shoe – a size 44 in the US will not be 44 centimeters long, but will in fact be about 27.9 centimeters or 11 inches in length.
  • To convert Euro shoe size to US, roughly subtract 31 from the women’s EU size to arrive at your US size. Men subtract 33. Because this is an approximation, you’d do well to consult our shoe size conversion charts.
  • EU (which means European) Sizes are used in the whole of mainland Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden etc. The UK has its own shoe size system.
  • For accurate shoe sizing, measure your feet directly, use brand-specific charts for precision, and either try on shoes in-store or read online sizing reviews before purchasing.

Insights from our Lab

During our investigation in the lab, we meticulously evaluated more than 1000 different shoe pairs and observed that European (EU) sized footwear typically runs slightly smaller compared to sneakers sized in the US, particularly those from major brands like Nike, Adidas, and ASICS. This finding was consistent across various designer brands and others that utilize EU sizing, indicating a trend towards a tighter fit in these shoes.

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