US Jacket & Coat Size Chart: Men, Women, Kids; Measuring Tip

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Avoid fashion catastrophes and look your best when you wear the perfect fitting jacket. With our charts for US jacket sizes for men, women and kids, conversions to EU and UK sizes, and easy-to-use measurement guide, finding that ideal size is a snap. Just follow our measuring instructions, record your size in inches, and select your US or International jacket sizes.

US Jacket Size Chart – Men

Use this size chart to find your US jacket size for men.

US Alpha Jacket SizeUS & UK Jacket SizeEuropean Jacket SizeChest width (inch)Body height (inch)
XXXS304030 - 3263 - 64
XXS324232 - 3464 - 65
XS344434 - 3665 - 66
S364636 - 3866 - 67
M384838 - 4067 - 68
L405040 - 4268 - 69
L425242 - 4469 - 70
XL445444 - 4570 - 71
XL445644 - 4571 - 72
XXL455845 - 4672 - 73
XXL466046 - 4773 - 74
3XL476247 - 4874 - 75
3XL486448 - 4975 - 76
4XL496649 - 5076 - 77
5XL506850 - 5177 - 78
5XL517051 - 5278 - 79
6XL527252 - 5379 - 80

US Jacket Size Chart – Women

Look up the perfect size for a woman’s jacket in our jacket size chart.

US Alpha Jacket Size WomenUS Jacket Size WomenUK Jacket Size WomenEU Jacket Size WomenBust width (inch)
XXS0023229 - 30
XS043431 - 32
S263632 - 33
M483833 - 34
M6104034 - 36
L8124237 - 38
L10144438 - 39
XL12164640 - 41
XL14184842 - 43
XXL16205044 - 46
XXL18225247 - 48
3XL20245449 - 50
4XL22265650 - 52
5XL24285853 - 54

US Jacket Size Chart – Kids

In the kids’ jacket size chart below, you’ll find the best US jacket size for your child — at least until he or she outgrows it. Sizes are based on the child’s weight in pounds and length or height in inches.

US SizeAge (years)Height (in)Weight (lbs)

At a Glance

  • To find your proper jacket size, measure your chest, height, sleeve length, shoulder width, waist, and jacket length. Compare to size charts.
  • Men’s jackets sizes are given in alpha sizes like S, M, L and numerical inches for chest width. There are also European sizes.
  • Women’s jackets use numerical dress sizes 0-20+ and alpha XS-XL. Measure bust and hip circumferences.
  • For overcoats and raincoats, add 1–4 inches to your jacket size for a comfortable over-layer. European sizes have normal, short, and long categories.

Jacket Measurement Guide

All measurements should be taken close to the body, “loosely snug” but not constrictive. Please remember not to measure over bulky outerwear. Basically, you want to wear what you normally would under the jacket. And like a tango, taking your measurements will work a lot better with two people.

  • Chest: The circumference of the chest is the most important measurement for jacket size. This is one of those times when it will prove a lot easier with that second person helping. Lift your arms up somewhat past parallel to the floor to wrap the tape measure around your chest at the broadest point. Allow no more than a maximum of one inch of slack in the tape. For casual jackets, you can add a second inch.
  • Waist: The waist is measured in the same way as described above for the chest, but this time the tape encircles the torso approximately at the navel.
  • Jacket length: The ideal jacket length for you will obviously depend to a great degree on the type of jacket you want to purchase. Standard jacket sizes are made for standard bodies. If you are shorter or taller than average, you’ll need to measure your upper body. Standing straight and upright, measure with the tape measure from the top of your shoulder. For a blazer, measure down to the top of the thigh; for a longer coat, measure to just above the knee.
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