Euro Shoe Sizes

Euro Shoe Sizes Men

InchUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeFrench Shoe SizeItalian Shoe Size

Euro Shoe Sizes Women

InchUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeFrench Shoe SizeItalian Shoe Size

Euro Shoe Sizes Kids

InchAgeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeCM
3.25InfantsO.5 C0168.3
3.5Infants1 C0.5168.9
3.625Infants1.5 C1179.2
3.75Infants2 C1179.5
4Infants2.5 C1.51810.2
4.125Infants3 C21810.5
4.25Toddler3.5 C2.51910.8
4.5Toddler4 C31911.4
4.625Toddler4.5 C3.52011.7
4.75Toddler5 C42012.1
5Toddler5.5 C4.52112.7
5.125Toddler6 C5.52213
5.25Toddler6.5 C5.52213.3
5.5Toddler7 C62314
5.625Toddler7.5 C6.52314.3
5.75Toddler8 C72414.6
5Toddler8.5 C7.52515.2
6.125Toddler9 C82515.6
6.25Toddler9.5 C8.52615.9
6.5Toddler10 C92716.5
6.625Small Kid10.5 C9.52716.8
6.75Small Kid11 C102817.1
7Small Kid11.5 C10.52917.8
7.125Small Kid12 C113018.1
7.25Small Kid12.5 C11.53018.4
7.5Small Kid13 C123119.1
7.625Small Kid13.5 C12.53119.4
5.75Small Kid1 Y133219.7
8Small Kid1.5 Y143320.3
8.125Small Kid2 Y13320.6
8.25Small Kid2.5 Y1.53421
8.5Small Kid3 Y23421.6
8.625Big Kid3.5 Y2.53521.9
8.75Big Kid4 Y33622.2
9Big Kid4.5 Y3.53622.9
9.125Big Kid5 Y43723.2
9.25Big Kid5.5 Y4.53723.5
9.5Big Kid6 Y53824.1
9.625Big Kid6.5 Y53824.4
9.75Big Kid7 Y63924.8
How to measure your shoe size

Proper sizing: Measure your foot length by placing the foot on a sheet of paper. Mark the circumference (keep the pencil straight!). Then measure the longest distance with a ruler and convert using one of our calculators.

Shoes originating in Europe use a different shoe size system measurement compared to those made in the United States. This is commonly called as “Paris point” introduced by the French in the mid-19th century.

The Euro size is the standard shoe sizing system used in Europe, with the exception of England. This measurement is based on the individual stitch length used in double stitching with each stitch equal to two-thirds of a centimetre long (6.67 mm).

So note that if you’re out looking for a pair of Gucci, Valentino or Manolo Blahniks the size would be a little different from what you’re used to back home. Yes, European shoes uses their own metrics to measure shoe size so it is wise to do some homework before heading out to a store or ordering shoes online so you don’t end up with ill-fitting shoes.

For European shoe sizes, the sizing systems for adults and children are the same. There is a range of sizes where at one end you’ll find small shoe sizes that are usually worn by children and at the other end are large shoe sizes that are usually worn only by men.

European shoe sizing system compared to the US sizing is also pretty much unisex. A woman wearing a size 40 for example would still be as comfortable in a men’s shoe as a women’s shoe in terms of how the shoe fits. The details in the shoes are the major clue to determine its true gender.

For women, shoe sizes of European brands are listed as a number from 35-44. For men, the numbering is from 39 to 50.

To convert men’s US sizing to Euro sizing, add 33 to your US shoe size. For example, if you wear a men’s US size 11 then size 44 is likely your size in European shoes. For women, convert the US size to European shoe measurement by adding 31 to your US shoe size. For example, if you wear a women’s US size 6 shoe then size 37 is likely your Euro size.

Size numbers are also not the only thing that differentiate American and Europe-made shoes, for one, European shoes tend to be more narrow in the heel with a wide toe box allowing the heel to be held snug in place without scrunching the toes. Shoes made in the United States meanwhile have a deeper toe box and more cushion than their European counterparts. Most European brands also provide more arch support.

These common generalizations however are not true for all American and European shoe brands with some of these firms following their own set of metrics.

Note: One common misconception about shoes that use the European sizing system is that they are made in Europe, while some of them are, just as shoes that use the U.S. shoe sizing system aren’t always made in the United States, European sized shoes may be manufactured in other parts of the world like Vietnam, India or China. The system is only referred to as European because that’s where it originated.

Below is a link to the size conversion charts so you can convert your US size to European size. Please keep in mind that this is a general guideline and that some brands run small and others run large. Use this as a guide.

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