The Easiest Way to Clean Kids’ Shoes, Make Them New Again

Children’s shoes get dirty all the time. There are numerous methods you can use to clean kids’ shoes. However, parents ought to realize that no single cleaning strategy suits all types of shoes. For example, colored shoes get damaged by bleach while white shoes thrive with bleach. This article will discuss the various methods of cleaning different kinds of kids’ shoes.

How to clean smelly kids’ shoes

Some kids tend to have smelly shoes because of their super-active schedules. One excellent tactic to eliminate such smells is to soak the shoes in hot water and vinegar. Vinegar has an active compound known as acetic acid that absorbs odors. Also, it would help to sprinkle bicarbonate soda inside the shoes as the bicarbonate is known to absorb the foul smell. In this case, you can sprinkle half a cup of the baking soda in a plastic bag, then add water, and put the shoes in the bag and seal it. Allow the bag to stand for approximately twelve hours, only turning twice to ensure that every corner of the shoe is soaked in the solution. Afterward, it is essential to rinse the shoes and leave them out to dry.

How to clean kids’ leather shoes

Leather shoes are ideal for children because they are easy to clean shoes. In most cases, the shoes only need a quick wipe to restore their beautiful look. If the shoes have mud on them, you can use a brush to get the mud and dirt off. Afterwards, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off any remaining dirt. For extra protection, it is advisable to apply leather conditioners. Finishing off with a beeswax polish can give the shoe an excellent aesthetic appeal, while rejuvenating the leather. Conditioning leather shoes not only enhances the look but it also prevents the shoes from drying out. Most stores currently stock leather cleaning agents.

How to clean kids shoes

How to clean white kids’ shoes

Stubborn stains on white shoes are unsightly. To get rid of such stains, you could consider using a small amount of vinegar or nail polish remover to eliminate the stains. Bleach also works well for white shoes. It is advisable to use one part bleach mixed with five parts water to scrub the shoes. In most cases, experts recommend that one uses a toothbrush to rub the shoes but a cleaning brush with soft bristles also works well. However, you want to avoid scrubbing too hard because it can damage the shoes. Afterward, you can rinse the shoes in warm water.

How to clean kids’ sneakers

For sneakers, it is advisable to remove insoles as they are better washed separately. The insole can be cleaned with a mixture of liquid detergent and warm water. Afterward, it is advisable to scrub the outside of the shoe with a soft shoe brush or a toothbrush. If the shoes are covered in oil stains, you will want to use dish detergent because it breaks down oil molecules, and thus eradicates the stains. Try not wash sneakers at higher temperatures in a washing machine, as this shrinkens the shoe size.

How to clean kids’ canvas shoes

Canvas shoes make for great footwear for kids. However, their cotton component often makes them prone to dirt sticking to the surface. In spite of what many people think, such shoes are easy to clean. If the shoes have mud on them, then the ideal way to clean shoes is to initially give them a thump to get rid of the mud. For stubborn stains, you can use a toothbrush to scrub off the dirt. All you need to do is dip the toothbrush in cold water mixed with a detergent, and the detergent will dissipate the dirt on the surface. To clean the white section of the sole and restore its glow, you can use a cleaning paste made from baking soda mixed with water.

How to clean kids’ suede shoes

One of the key points to remember when cleaning suede shoes is that you should work the cleaning brush in one direction. In this case, it is advisable to utilize a scrub or nail brush to eradicate stains. Upon removing the dirt on the surface, you can then work the brush back and forth, while applying pressure to remove the deep stains. Alternatively, use a washcloth with white vinegar to remove stubborn stains. This gives the shoe a bright appearance. Another way to effectively clean shoes is to use a special suede eraser. Subsequently, you can spray the shoes with a non-toxic, waterproof agent.

In conclusion, cleaning kids’ shoes is not as daunting a task as people presume. This article has discussed effective strategies for cleaning different types of shoes. For all the strategies discussed, the cleaning agents are readily available across numerous stores. Also, you will notice in most cases the recommended type of cleaning brush is one with soft bristles because it does not damage shoes.