Kid sizes to Women’s shoe | Children – Women size conversion

If you would like to figure out what your women’s shoe size equivalent is in children’s sizes, the general formula is your US women’s shoe size minus two = your US children’s shoe size. It’s that simple!

For example, if you are a women’s size 8 this is a 6 in kids shoe size. A little math will tell you 8 – 2 = 6. It works in the opposite direction too — you can convert any youth shoe size to women’s just by adding two. Now you have a rough idea of your kids’ shoe size, and you can take it from there. (Of course, every shoe is sized differently, so it’s always a good idea to try before you buy.)

Chart: Children’s shoe size conversion to Women’s

Following the general rule of “your size minus two” is a great starting point. However, as you can see by the kids shoe size to women’s
conversion chart below, it’s not an exact formula. If your feet tend to run larger or smaller in your women’s size (say, you are an 8 but also fit an 8.5), you might want to check out this chart to get a more accurate size conversion.

Foot lengthUS KidsUS WomenUS Men
7 3/8131
7 1/213.51.5
7 5/81Y0.52
7 7/81.5Y12.5
8 1/42.5Y23.5
8 3/83Y2.54
8 1/23.5Y34.5
8 5/84Y3.55
8 7/84.5Y45.5
9 1/45.5Y56.5
9 3/46Y5.57
kid sizes to women's shoe

How the Children’s shoe size conversion to Women’s size works

Women’s shoe size conversion is pretty straightforward, especially if you follow the size chart. But in general, subtracting two from your women’s size will give you your equivalent children’s size. Likewise, you can go in the opposite direction and add two if you want to convert a kids’ shoe size to women’s.

Why buy kids’ shoes for adults?

If you’re a woman who loves shoe shopping (and who doesn’t?) you might not realize that you’ve been overlooking an enormous opportunity to open up your shoe options all this time. Want to know a way to expand your shoe collection, that’s literally just a few steps away from where you usually stand in the shoe store? Look no further than the kids’ section!

By simply converting your women’s shoe size to kids’, you instantly crack open up a whole new world of opportunity to double your selection. Think about it — there is no law stating you can’t shop in the kids’ section just because you’re no longer a kid, so why limit yourself to the women’s section of shoe stores just because you’re a woman?

Price difference

One of the best reasons to score your next pair of kicks in the kids’ section is a budget-friendly one. Kids’ shoes are almost always cheaper than women’s shoes. The same brand and model of high-end shoes that cost $180 full price in the women’s section is only $145 full price in the kids’ section! Think of the savings. Lower prices mean you can afford to buy more pairs of shoes, and you have to admit, it’s pretty hard to walk away from an opportunity like that!

More choice

Another great reason to shop in the kids’ section is that you are automatically doubling your choices. You’ll discover an abundance of adorable designs, styles, and colors in kids’ sizes that simply aren’t available in shoes designed for women. By expanding your search to another whole section of the store, you are no longer limiting yourself to one small selection just because the shoes happen to have a women’s size label on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a women’s shoe size 8 in kids’ sizes?

If you’re a size 8, your youth shoe size would be 6. However, don’t go by numbers alone. As with any pair of shoes, you should try them on before you buy them, just to make sure you’re happy with their fit.

How does women’s shoe size 6 compare to kids’?

According to the conversion chart, if you’re a size 6, your kids’ size would be between 4 to 4.5. As you can see, the “your size minus two” formula will not always give you a clear-cut answer. Again, to determine where you fall between these two sizes, you really have to try the shoes on.

How do I save money buying kids’ shoes?

A: You’ll notice a remarkable price difference between women’s and children’s shoes. If you’re not convinced, look up any shoe online and do a price comparison between a women’s model of shoe and the youth equivalent, if there is one. Do a simple size conversion, and you’ll realize you’re getting the same shoe from the same brand at a fraction of the cost. Not only are you growing your shoe collection, but you’re also growing your savings too!

Is it healthy to wear kids’ shoes?

Apart from serious athletic footwear designed specifically to suit the form and function of adult women’s feet, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying and wearing casual kids’ shoes solely for fashion purposes. After all, “women’s” and “children’s” are only labels decided by manufacturers, and sizes are only numbers. As the old saying goes, if the shoe fits… wear it!