Bra Size Chart + Cups: How to Measure at Home | Plus 1 Secret Fitting-Trick

Bra Size Chart: You deserve great support and comfort. Get detailed information on How to measure and fit for a Bra. Sizing Charts for Bra Sizes and Bra Cup Size Calculator for US, UK, AU, NZ, Brasil, South America, European Sizes like Italian and French Sizes in Inch and Centimeters. Plus find your “sister sizes” for a perfect fit. 

How to find the right Bra Size?

Measure your chest circumference and underbust girth. Then you can see the correct bra size in the table. Don’t be discouraged by the many numbers in the bra size chart – this looks much more complicated than it really is!

  1. Search in the bra size table in the underbust measurement column for your value. For example, if you have measured 79 cm, then you are in the fourth column with the values from 78 to 82 exactly right. Now point your gaze one column further to the order size – but stay on the same line. In the appropriate line, you will find the size of the underbust band you need. In our example, you would need size 80.
  2. Now you need your cup size. Search for your value in the line where you already found your underbust measurement. For example, if your bust width is 97 cm, you have a cup size C. And you’ve found the right bra size! That was easier than you thought, wasn’t it?!

Bra Size Calculator

A pretty décolleté? Want to shape the breast in order to emphasize the bust nicely? Yes, a bra can also do that. But a bra is much more than a fashion accessory.
For a bra that is too big or too small is not just uncomfortable, but unhealthy over the long term. A poorly fitted bra can lead to pain in the back, neck and even the head. And the breast can get deformed as well.

That is why on this page you will find a Bra Cup Size Calculator that calculates English, American, European, Italian and Brazilian sizes. Especially practical: it will always still show the next largest and next smallest size. Simply follow the instructions and determine the chest circumference and the circumference below the chest and the Bra Cup Size Calculator will determine the correct size.

Bra size chart

With this bra size chart you can find the perfectly fitting bra for you.

Bust SizeBra Size

Cup size chart

Difference in CMCup Size
8 - 11AA
12 - 13A
14 - 15B
16 - 17C
18 - 19D
20 - 21E
22 - 23F
24 - 25G
26 - 28H
29 - 30I
31 - 32J
33 - 34K
35 - 36L
37 - 38M
39 - 40N

How to determine your bra size

To find the right bra you need to know your exact measurements because they are the decisive factor for the right bra. As a rule, the area under the bustline is measured first followed by the bustline itself. Your cup size is the difference between these two measurements. You should not wear a bra or clothing during the measurements.

Measure under the bustline

You can measure under the bustline in two different ways. The area under the bustline directly underneath the bust is measured, and it is advisable to stand during this measurement. Also, make sure that the tape measure is placed horizontally on the skin. After measuring you can look up your bra size in the bra size chart above.

In principle, you should measure under the bustline twice. The (measuring) tape should apply loosely around your upper body. It is important that it does not pinch the skin. In addition, you should let yourself inhale during measurements. You then enter the determined length. Then you should apply the tape tighter around your upper body for a second time, this time allowing the tape to pinch the skin slightly. This time you should breathe while taking measurements and enter the value.

Measure the bustline

To determine the exact bustline measurement, you should apply the (measuring) tape to the highest elevation of your bust. You should do this while standing. Make sure that the tape measure is parallel to the ground and that you breathe in during the measurement. Now look up your bra size in the bra size chart above.

Measuring the bra size without measuring tape

You can also measure your bra size without a tape measure. Use some string or a cord for this. Apply the string as described above and take note of the exact length with a pen. Determine the correct dimensions by using a straightedge or folding ruler.

The right bra for a big bust

Do you have a slightly larger bust? Then it is important that your bra is the right size and fits well. As a rule, a big bust is very heavy and should be properly supported with the appropriate bra. Women with a large bust whose bras do not fit properly can suffer from various physical discomforts. When buying, you should consider that the intended support of the bra is 80 percent dependent on the underbust brace and not on the wearer of the bra, as is often mistakenly suspected. If the brace of your bra fits too loosely and slides upwards, the bust load is transferred to the bra straps. As a result, the bra straps intersect causing tension and pain in the back and neck area.

Do you have a big bust? Then you should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing the right bra:

  • Wide and well-padded straps, because they do not cut into the skin like narrow straps and thus avoid pain in the shoulder and neck area
  • A wider back section, because wearing comfort is then increased and prevents cutting into the skin
  • A wide underbust brace, which should also be anatomically shaped and made of solid material
  • Underwired bras, the braces of which surround the lower part of the bust and support and shape the bust at the same time
  • A higher midsection, because it ensures the best shape and a good hold
  • The bra should be cut at the Décolleté and the armpits and should have soft cuffs to avoid incisions and skin irritation
  • Dermatologically friendly and breathable material

These bras are especially recommended for large busts:

  • Full Cup bras, because they provide an optimal hold. Slipping is prevented because they surround the entire bust.
  • Underwired bras, because they enhance the shape of the bust and provide an optimal hold when the underwire completely covers the bust.
  • Minimizer bras, because they make the bust look smaller by up to one size.

Which bra is right for a small bust?

Do you have a small bust? Then you do not need to worry about back and neck pain due to the weight of your bust. However, you should not go without a good bra even with a small bust because it can give your bust a nice shape. If you want to make your bust look larger to the eye, you can try a push-up bra, a balconette bra, or silicone bra pads. This is much better than covering your bust with a jacket.

Which bra is right for a pointed bust?

Do you have a rather pointed bust and do not want your nipples standing out from under your clothes? Then a T-Shirt bra or traditional Full Cup Bra is a great option for you. Thanks to the padding of these types of bras, your nipples will be prevented from standing out from under your clothes. If you want to fill your cup a little more, you can wear a push-up bra. These will raise your bust and give it a nice shape.

Which bra is right for a disparate bust?

Women whose bust is the same size by nature are rather the exception. Although the difference in size in most women is rather small, there are also women who have a clearly recognizable difference in bust size. This is due to the fact that the nipples are also in different positions on busts of different sizes.

Although differently sized busts cause no difficulties physically, many women suffer because of how they look. A well-fitting bra can provide relief. For example, busts of different sizes can be lined by bras with inserts. You can remove the insert from the cup of your larger bust and put one or two inserts in the cup of the smaller bust, depending on the difference in size.

Right Age To Start Wearing A Bra

There is no rule of thumb at what age you should start wearing a bra. It’s just different for every girl. The age at which a girl needs or wants a bra is a very individual thing. The decisive factor for most girls is the desire to feel beautiful and feminine with a bra. Another reason, of course, is for the breast to have support.

So if you want to wear pretty, feminine underwear, now may be the right time for your first bra. Or if your breasts have already grown and you feel like they need to be held or formed for a certain outfit.

Many girls start with a bra for sports because otherwise the breasts will bounce and they will find it unpleasant or embarrassing. Others wear one so that the nipples don’t show. If you want to try out a bra, just do it. You can try it yourself in a shop or order online to see if it’s something for you.

How to find Sister Sizes?

The cross-size is actually your best friend when your favorite bra is no longer available in your correct bra size. The cross size is a neighboring size and therefore either the next smaller or the next larger bra size that suits you. How do find your sister size? Good news: The Bra-Size-Calculator will tell you your sister sizes automatically. Do sister sizes really work? Oh yes! Try it out, you will be amazed.

Are uneven Breasts Normal?

Yes! Only very few women have symmetrical breast. Usually, the right breast is slightly smaller than the left breast. Buy a bra that fits the larger breast perfectly. The bra cup should gently cling to them and support them slightly, but should not cut into them or cause them to spill over or swell out. If the bra is too loose on the side of the smaller breast, use cushions.

That’s why You should Wear the Right Bra

Many women do not wear the right bra size. The reason? Many women do not seek professional advice until they are in pain or experience other problems.

Wearing the wrong size for a long time can damage your health. This can result in back pain, as well neck pain and headaches. In addition, an incorrectly fitting bra pressures your skin and, in the worst case, even leads to deformity of your breast. In 2018 conducted a study and found:

  • 16 % of all women wear a bra that is too small, 4 % wear a bra that is significantly too small
  • 26% wear a bra that is too big, 6% wear a bra that is significantly too large
  • Only 48% have the right size
  • Especially young women often misjudge their size. But women over 40 years of age were also more likely to pick a wrong size. It seems that the bra’s size is not adapted to changed body dimensions and proportions.
  • 74 % stated that the measurement system with its subdivision into underbust circumference and the cup size was confusing.
  • 82% said that when buying a new bra, the focus was on the size of the previous bra. Only 18 % let themselves help with the purchase by specialized personnel or measure themselves.

Bras for Big Breasts

Full breasts with a round shape stand for femininity and youth. But not every breast corresponds to this supposed ideal of beauty. Instead, more pointed forms in puberty and adolescence are just as typical as slight asymmetries. Hardly any woman has two breasts of the same size and shape. Nevertheless you can look up your size in our bra size chart above.

Although this is the most common condition, different breasts can also cause distress. Especially when the asymmetry in shape or size is so pronounced that it is even noticeable under clothing. With the right bra, however, a balance can be achieved. This not only has an optical effect. Adjustment can also improve tissue support, which in turn provides relief and prevents posture damage.

Bras for Asymmetrical Breasts

With breasts of different sizes, the shape of the breasts is often different, the nipples sit in different positions or point in different directions and the volume can vary from side to side. In the case of pointed breasts, however, the course between the upper part of the breast and the nipple is conspicuous and can appear almost triangular in profile. Bras with preformed cups solve all these supposed “problems” at once.

To a certain extent, bras with molded shells act as a template and shape maker (shapewear). They do not allow the nipples to shine through the upholstery and clothing, creating a balanced appearance. To increase the symmetry in case of small side differences, the beam lengths can simply be adjusted. For larger differences in volume, on the other hand, cushions and pillows are suitable. But even then it is important to choose the right bra size first.

Upholstery and Cushions

Breast malformations, operations, and hereditary predisposition can lead to a pronounced difference between breast sizes. However, removable cushions or additional cushions can be used to achieve a more symmetrical shape. Shell bra cups or variable padded push-up bras can be used as the basis for this.

Removing removable pads and cushions on the side of the larger breast is ideal and easy. On the side of the smaller breast, on the other hand, they are inserted so that support is provided in the underbust area. On the one hand, this has a relieving effect. On the other hand, the breast tissue is pushed upwards by this measure, fills the basket and promotes a symmetrical appearance.

Upholstery helps with very Pointed Breasts

In the case of a conspicuously pointed chest, the cushioning cushions should be left in the cups on both sides. This increases the volume in the upper part of the breast, the shape is rounded off and looks fuller. If the cushions are not sufficient, additional silicone inserts can be used. The material is cuddly and soft, warms up pleasantly and adheres to the skin during movements. For the wearer, this means a very comfortable and natural feeling.

Even with deep necklines, the filling effect is wonderfully suitable for optically balancing asymmetry or pointed breasts. However, care should be taken not to squeeze the tissue. Too much pressure is not only unpleasant in the long run, it can also reduce blood flow.

Triangle and Neckholder as Pretty Aids

Brassieres with straps running over the neck are suitable for asymmetries as well as for pointed breasts. The breasts are automatically raised slightly, which makes the upper part of the breast more voluminous. In addition, different sizes can be easily compensated for by the aforementioned aids. Inserts that are used attract less attention or are easier to laminate.

However, it is also important for these triangle or neckholder bras to focus on designs with padded cups.

How to Tell if Your Bra Fits or Not

  1. It is important to measure correctly because this is the only way to calculate the optimum bra size.
  2. Always try different sizes of a bra model. If you are unsure, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist dealer.
  3. The breast band expands over time. So buy a bra that fits best with the looseest hook. You can still close the bra with a tighter hook and wear it longer.
  4. Bra straps must fit perfectly under the breasts and fit snugly. The outer temples should lie around the chest, the inner ones approximately in the middle of the sternum. As soon as you press the straps, the bra size is not correct.
  5. Each brand interprets bra sizes a little differently and production is subject to variance. The size should therefore be checked. Just take your arms up and bend over. If the bra is the right size, then the bra covers the chest and gives it support. If the seat is too loose or too tight, the size should be adjusted accordingly.

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