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Percentage calculator

Whether increases, deductions, discounts or markups – with our percentage calculators you will find the right solution in a flash.

Electricity calculator

How much power do large household appliances use?

Date of delivery

With the help of our pregnancy calendar, you can calculate all important dates during the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Screen time calculator

How much screen time is too much for my kids? – your online calculator portal for everyday questions

How often do we face simple questions in everyday life without having the answers at hand? Like, how much higher is my paycheck after a 7% salary raise? How many calories do you burn during a 30-minute jog? What age is my 10-year-old old dog is in human years? We know the calculations and the solutions. offers more than 200 free online calculators, as well as a wealth of information and tips – for lightning-fast answers and detailed background knowledge.

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Health & Diet

Are you at your ideal weight or above? The BMI calculator knows the answer. And what exactly is your body fat level? Child Growth Chart Calculator: Percentiles, Charts, Weight, Height. We got your back: how to adjust your office chair to the right height. What does your meat consumption add up to, and what are the implications? See all calculators.

Sports & Exercise

Find the ideal heart rate zone for cardio training or weight loss. Use the step-calculator to track whether you really are walking 10,000 steps a day. What is your perfect ski size, ski boot size, or snowboard lengthSee all calculators.

Size conversion

Use the following calculators and converters to easily find the correct sizeshoe size, pants size, jeans size for men and women, etc. Find the perfect fit in Women’s sizes, Men’s sizes, Kids’ sizes or Kids Shoe Sizes. Convert Men’s to Women’s shoe size. Or up your international shopping I.Q. by learning the differences in European Sizes & Asian sizesSee all calculators.

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