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How does percentage calculation actually work, again? How many calories are burnt in an hour of jogging? And how much electricity does the washing machine really cost me? Isn’t it amazing how many of our everyday questions and problems can be solved with mathematics?

We offer dozens of interactive tools and online-calculators that answer questions like these. But we won’t leave you out in the rain with just results though, we provide in-depth information and pragmatic advice from experts so that you can make informed decisions. More about us.

Mathematics & Science

How heavy is an object made of a certain material? What is statistically significant?  And how many centimeters does a pixel actually have? See all calculators.

Consumer Topics

Identify deceptive packages, divide shared apartment costs fairly or check whether a discount is really worth it. How much screen time for kids is too much? See all calculators.

Health & Diet

Ideal weight or above? The BMI calculator knows the answer. Good for the back: adjust your office chair to the right height. And: What does your meat consume add up to? See all calculators.


Find the optimal heart rate zone for cardio training or weight loss. Use the step-calculator to check whether you are really walking 10,000 steps a day. See all calculators.

Size Conversion

Use the following calculators and converters to easily find the correct size. For example shoe sizes,  pants sizes, jeans sizes or ring sizes. Or learn everything about international sizings like European Clothes Sizes, Asian Size ChartsWomen’s Sizes, Men’s Sizes, Girl’s Clothing Sizes, Boy’s Clothes SizesBaby Clothing Sizes or Kids Shoe SizesSee all calculators.


Energy Saving

How much power do large household appliances consume? What about your laptop? And how much gas would you could save by getting a car with a better mileage? See all calculators.

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