Standing desk: Calculate the right height & set it

Here’s a calculator that lets you determine the optimal height for a standing desk (or table). Just enter body size and get a comprehensive list of all of the standard dimensions.

Whether it’s an electrically height-adjustable table, an adjustable office desk from IKEA, or a simple office desk you built at home: in order to lighten the load on your spinal column and avoid back pain, the table has to be of the proper height. Depending on body size, the surface of the table has to be a specific distance from the floor. The calculator comes with lots of tips for ergonomic office design.

Standing desk: Calculate the right height

Standing tables are better than sitting

Feeling comfortable in the workplace and at the same time improving performance? No problem. A height-adjustable desk brings dynamism to the office. Simply move it to the desired height at the touch of a button, lock it securely and change the working posture almost automatically. Standing instead of sitting has a positive effect on your concentration and your health!

However, if you only have a sitting desk, calculate the optimal heights here.

Continuous sitting is bad for your health

Many people in offices make the mistake of sitting almost all day long. This often results in excessive and one-sided strain on the back, irritating pain and a disturbance of concentration.

Sitting/standing tables are the alternative. With these office types of furnitures, you can adjust the height of the tabletop flexibly, you can work alternately sitting and standing. This has a positive effect on your overall health.