Ski Boot Size Chart | Find Your Perfect Fit

Skiing is a thrilling winter sport, but the experience can quickly turn sour if you’re wearing ill-fitting ski boots. Understanding the ski boot size chart can be your best ally in finding the perfect pair of boots for your skiing adventures.

Ski Boot Size Chart or Mondo Size Chart

The ski boot size chart is a tool designed to help you find the right size ski boots. It’s based on a measurement system known as “Mondo” or “Mondopoint”, which denotes the length of the boot’s inner sole in centimeters. But note that the conversion is merely a general guideline and can vary based on the brand or model of the ski boots. Here’s a general conversion table for your reference:

Ski Boot Size
- Com­fort
Ski Boot Size - Per­for­manceShoe Size Men / Uni­sex USShoe Size Women US

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Comfort vs Performance Fit

The ski boot size chart typically indicates two types of fits – Comfort Fit and Performance Fit.

  • Comfort Fit provides more room inside the boot, making it suitable for beginners or occasional skiers who usually ski on groomed terrain at moderate speeds.
  • Performance Fit, on the other hand, is designed for intermediate to advanced skiers who ski at high speeds on varied terrain and in different snow conditions. These boots offer a tighter fit for enhanced control over your skis.

Expert skiers often opt for an even smaller size to achieve the most precise fit possible. However, this could lead to pressure points and discomfort, so it’s recommended to consult with a qualified boot fitter if you’re considering this option.

Ski Boot Sizing Tips

  1. Beginners should opt for boots that match their street shoe size.
  2. Intermediate to advanced skiers should size down.
  3. Ski boots should feel snug as they’ll become roomier over time.
  4. Try a few different brands and models since all brands fit differently.
  5. Your toes should gently touch the edge of the liner when you stand straight, but pull away when you flex the boot.

Understanding Half Sizes in Ski Boots

In the world of ski boots, half sizes are a bit of an illusion. Ski boots come in full size increments only. A 26.0 boot and a 26.5 boot typically use the same shell and liner, offering no difference in fit. Some manufacturers might include a size adjuster to reduce the boot’s overall volume for a snugger fit.

The Importance of Boot Width

When considering ski boot sizing, it’s crucial to consider the boot width. The inside width of the ski boot at the ball of the foot, also known as “last width” or “foot bed width”, significantly influences the boot’s responsiveness. A tighter fit generally offers more responsiveness, but might compromise on comfort.

How to Measure Your Foot for Ski Boots

To get an accurate Mondo size, follow these tips for measuring your foot at home:

  1. Get two sheets of blank paper and a marker.
  2. While wearing your ski socks, stand with your weight evenly distributed on each piece of paper.
  3. Carefully draw the outline of each foot.
  4. Measure the length of each foot and use the longer measurement as your Mondo size.

Sizing Ski Boots for Kids and Youth

For children, ski boot sizing can be a bit tricky due to their rapidly growing feet. Many parents opt for adjustable ski boots, which can adapt to the child’s growth. For novice kids, sizing up slightly won’t impact performance drastically. However, for more advanced young skiers, an oversized boot could hinder their improvement.

Kids Ski Boot Size Chart

Ski Boot Size KidsShoe Size Kids US
158 C
15.58 C
169 C
16.59 C
1710 C
17.511 C
1812 C
18.512 C
1913 C
19.513 C
2013.5 C
20.51 Y
212 Y
21.53 Y
224 Y


Mondo Size Chart

The Mondo Size Chart is a universal sizing system used in skiing to accurately measure ski boot sizes. Mondo sizing represents the length of the inside of the ski boot in centimeters. For example, a US men’s size 10 is roughly equivalent to a 28 Mondo size. See our Mondo Size Chart here.


How to Find my Ski Boot Size?

To find your ski boot size, first measure your foot in centimeters, which corresponds to Mondo sizing. Place your heel against a wall, and measure the length from the wall to the tip of your longest toe. This measurement is your Mondo point, or ski boot size. See our Mondo Size Chart here.